5 Best Virtual Router Software To Consider in 2022

Well, a virtual router is a software-based system that acts like a WiFi router or other hardware device for sharing the internet. You can make a Virtual free Router when you need to set up a second secure Internet access point at home, in the classroom, or at a conference. You don’t have to have money to need a virtual WiFi router. Some virtual router managers don’t require the installation of any software. As an internet repeater, you can let other people in your area use your Internet connection. WiFi Router Software is very helpful when paying for a single Internet connection in a hotel or outside the home to connect to other smart devices. It could save you money and make you feel better. Today, we’ll look at the most useful Virtual Router Software for sharing your Internet connection.

Why Will You Use Virtual Router?

You need a PC Router even if your room has WiFi. The hotspot router can be used in many ways. Security and privacy are the most important things. There are some benefits to using free wireless routers, such as:

Reduced Expenses

Let’s say you are checking in with your family at a hotel. Most people have both a laptop and a smartphone. The hotel charges a cost for each WiFi connection on a device. If there are four of you, you need to think about the fact that 42 = 8. And the cost would be huge.

Ensure Security

Let’s say you want to share secret and important files with your family. If you use WiFi from a different place, your security could be at risk. You have to choose between the Best Free VPN and the Free Virtual Router in this case.

File Sharing

Wish you want to show your roommates pictures and movies. You require a file transfer app. With your hotspot router, more than one person can do the same thing. It will make you feel better.

Always Be Connected

A virtual WiFi router makes the environment of a network better. If your WiFi signal is weak and comes from a long way away, you need to boost your network signal. One of the best ways to grow a networked environment is to use a virtual PC/laptop router.

Migration To 5G

Large Internet service providers use VRouting to connect the data centre, library, and university classes to different parts of the network. So, the deployment and migration of 5G VRouting will mean a lot.

How To Turn Your Windows 10 PC To A Hotspot Router?

Without installing any software, you can make your Windows 10 PC into a virtual Cisco router. Yes, I am kidding. However, this network-sharing application meets your requirements. In simply six steps, you can transform your laptop into a wireless router. It is also feasible to make any LAN connection into a network switch. Here are the steps required to turn Windows 7 or 10 into a wireless hotspot.

1- In the computer’s search box, enter “cmd” to start the command prompt as administrator.

2- Execute the command to check your computer’s compatibility. First, you must check that Hosted Network Support is enabled.

3- Follow the instructions below if your computer supports a hosted network.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow

4- Here, you must provide the name and password for your SSID. It is feasible to utilise a WiFi name generator.

5- Following the given procedures, activate the WiFi hotspot.

netsh wlan hostednetwork start

6- You are now required to activate your wireless adaptor. In order to acquire the Wireless Adapter, put ncpa.cpl into the Windows 7 or 10 search box and then click the Search button. You may use the RUN command to search for it.

7- Right-click the connected ethernet icon and choose Properties. Click the sharing tab and check the “Other Network Users” box.

8- Your network is now up and running. You are permitted to share your desktop router with family members. Thus, there is no requirement to download a virtual router.

Network Switch Vs. Hotspot

Network Switch is networking hardware, whereas HotspotHotspot is the sole software capable of connecting your other devices to the internet. Consequently, we cannot compare two items. However, it is connected. Internet connection requires a network switch, and after establishing a successful connection, you can connect any device to HotspotHotspot. We can connect our smartphones to HotspotHotspot independent of the LAN and switch, therefore the switch is only sometimes required.

How To Easily Make Smartphone With WiFi Hotspot?

Mobile Hotspot is widely utilised across the world. You can transform your smartphone into a hotspot within one minute. Here are three straightforward steps.

1- Connect your mobile smartphone to mobile data.

2- Tap the symbol for WiFi Hotspot on your mobile smartphone.

3- When connecting for the first time, the Hotspot name must be entered. A password can be manually or automatically assigned.

4- You’re almost done. Connect your WiFi device to the HotspotHotspot wireless network.

Considerations For Selecting The Best Virtual Router Software For Windows 10

Safety and security should take precedence while picking desktop router software. Maintain your privacy and tranquilly in return for a free utility. The following are some suggestions for a PC router:

1- Numerous companies provide free software routers. However, just a few are secure. Therefore, it would be ideal to utilise solutions such as Connectify, mHotspot, VirtualRouter Plus, and so on.

2- WiFi range is an important consideration. Virtual WiFi typically has a range of fifty metres. There is a range of free and finest virtual routers for businesses.

3- The network router does not support all gaming consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. The Smart TV connection may present a problem with the free router software.

4- An software that checks your network supports your available devices.

5- Some Virtual WiFi Routers may impede your computer’s performance. Remove them and reinstall a more recent version.

6- If you convert your computer into an access point, offer access to only a select few users. Because an ally may be an adversary.

7- Few router management applications provide the same software. Industrial routers and Internet of Things routers, for example, serve different roles. Consequently, you must be quite specific with your request.

Can I Use The Freeware Software Router Connected To A Virtual Private Network?

There is no risk associated with using a virtual private network (VPN) with any PC router software. However, it must be a credible source. You can connect to your virtual private server using this router. The following hardware is required to configure a VPN virtual router:

1- Personal computer operating Windows 7 or Windows 10

2- Internet connection through the computer.

3- A secure VPN.

4- Virtual router administrator.

5- Computer setup necessitates technical knowledge.

Best Virtual Router Software 

Multiple aspects determine the quality of a virtual WiFi router, including software, internet speed, bandwidth, maximum user acceptance, and range. To provide you with a flawless connection, we have chosen eight or more of the top virtual router software based on your requirements. The selection of hotspot routers is based by internet router, user recommendation, and performance. We do not rank software. These virtual WiFi routers are powered by Microsoft Windows.

1. MHotspot


MHotspot is a lightweight application that facilitates network sharing via Internet sharing. It supports a variety of intelligent devices, including Android and printers. The computer regulates the internet connection. Access the wireless network connection centre, then use the right-click menu to share your Internet connection. Now you must compete with all other internet users for connection. You are free to discontinue at any moment. This software is only compatible with Microsoft Windows.


1- MHotspot is a free freeware programme that transforms Windows 7, 8, and 10 into a WiFi router.

2- MHotspot permits up to 10 devices to share an Internet connection.

3- The size of this Virtual Router software is merely 400 KB.

4- It permits us to view information about linked devices.

5- You may view network data, including upload and download speeds.

6- This wireless connection utilises the WPA2 PSK password security protocol.

7- This hotspot router extends the range of your WiFi connection by acting as a repeater.

2. Connectify Hotspot

Connectify Hotspot

A renowned software company, Connectify, developed network-sharing software for corporations, professionals, and individuals. The project to make Connectify Hotspot compatible with Microsoft Windows began in October 2009. Connectify Hotspot enables you to share your Internet connection by transforming your laptop or desktop computer into a virtual PC Router or wireless hotspot.

It makes them pleased since it enables them to connect all of their devices to the laptop. Connectify’s wireless hotspot is compatible with Unicode, emojis, and several languages. Connectify is the greatest on-computer virtual router. With the application’s better software, your computer will become a sturdy WiFi router. It is compatible with OS systems Windows 7, 8, and 10. There is no required connection setup option for the Windows operating system.


1- Connectify Hotspot prevents unwanted adverts from being displayed on the device.

2- It prevents excessive pricing for costly connections.

3- This Connectify Hotspot will be more advantageous when internet expenses are assessed per device.

4- Connectify Hotspot serves as a WiFi amplifier. Consequently, it works with wider range coverage.

5- Despite the fact that this software is not free, its users are entitled to praise.

3. MaryFi


MaryFi is an excellent Hotspot Router if yourequire looking for a lightweight virtual WiFi router. It offers an easy user interface and a high-speed Internet connection. After downloading this software, an easy procedure must be configured. Provide the name and password for the hotspot for security considerations.


1- MaryFi is compatible with all Windows versions, including 64-bit operating systems.

2- This software is written in English.

3- This software is freeware, however it has a greater file size than its competitors.

4- It offers an easy user interface.

5- It permits us to examine all devices linked to this network.

4. My WiFi Router

My WiFi Router

My WiFi Router is a user-friendly, free hotspot router. It produces an emulation of a virtual router for use with a desktop or laptop computer. It offers several unique features, such as security measures. The core principle of these virtual WiFi networks is liberty. If you want to share your system without worrying about security, this may be the finest virtual router for you, since it offers fewer features than you require.


1- My WiFi Router is a freeware software application.

2- The only supported language is English.

3- My WiFi router is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system.

4- This software is merely 1 megabyte in size.

5- It delivers videos in addition to a connection to the internet.

5. MO Virtual Router

MO Virtual Router

MO Virtual Router provides Windows users with free WiFi system points to connect to the internet. Launch the application, provide the virtual software’s login and password, and commence internet sharing. The length of a password can range from 8 to 63 characters. MO Virtual Router is a free freeware for 32-bit and 64-bit desktop and laptop operating systems.


1- This MO Virtual Router has a little file size for download.

2- Gratuitously licenced software

3- This WiFi router management includes an easy-to-use interface, making it accessible to anybody.

4- Does not require installation.

5- Utilize the removable drive directly.


We utilise Virtual Router Software to secure the Internet access point in order to cut internet browsing costs and extend the range. All of the WiFi routers we have discussed thus far enjoy a favourable reputation on the market. The finest products include Connectify Hotspot, Bzeek, and MO Virtual Router. Please let us know in the comments if you’ve located a missing piece of significance. We will add your sage advise enthusiastically.

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