31 Best TorrentReactor Alternatives & Proxy Sites

TorrentReactor is a popular torrent internet since it hosts millions of legal torrents. New torrents are constantly being sent out to their users all around the world. Floods provide a wide variety of media files, including those related to adult content, anime, music, movies, TV series, seasons, episodes, and much more. Search results on TorrentReactor prioritise new and highly downloaded torrents. Visitors looking for torrents may be certain they will find thanks to its advanced search engine system. In comparison to competing sites, is preferable since it facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing using torrents.

TorrentReactor has a system in place that lets individuals expand the platform’s capabilities as a torrent search engine. Since it depends on other torrent providers to do the job, TorrentReactor is now indexing millions of files from the best torrent provider. If you don’t want to utilise the proxy service, we’ll provide you with a list of the best alternatives you may pass along to your friends. Please find a list of popular options to TorrentReactor below. You may utilise them to get hold of all sorts of material, including videos, audio tracks, and even software.

Is it safe to look around TorrentReactor? consistently ranks in the top 5 of all torrent sites globally, with millions of page views daily. With more people making and a better search engine ranking, this site is a prime target for hackers. People report that the site’s security has recently been severely compromised, resulting in a rootkit being placed on all of the PCs.

Does it seem like TorrentReactor has been blocked?

It seems that the website’s principal domain name is no longer active. Torrentreactor italiano users will now have to find out other alternatives. If you don’t care about the rest of the site’s features, you may skip down to the bottom and click on any of the links below to get to the site’s content. Here are the top TorrentReactor mirror and proxy sites where you may download your preferred torrents.

31 Best TorrentReactor Alternatives & Proxy Sites



EZTV is one of the most popular gush websites for TV programme fans. This programme offers many customization choices to enable you to become a more proficient torrent user. The principal websites provide an anonymity checker and a list of upcoming premieres for a wide variety of series.

Although the website is simple, a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and support area as well as an active message board are provided for anyone who may need them. A pop-up blocker is recommended due to the fact that EZTV’s menu links lead to clean pop-ups torrentreactor net music.

Whether or not EZTV is restricted. If you’re having trouble using EZTV, you may want to check into these alternatives to TorrentReactor. If for whatever reason you are unable to use EZTV, you still have several choices available to you. TorrentReactor Proxy, TorrentReactor Mirror, and TorrentReactor unblocked sites provide the best access to TV shows and movies. However, reliable EZTV proxies and mirrors are not easy to come by.

2. YTS


There are a lot of sites where you may regularly utilise YTS; it’s become an integral part of everyone’s everyday routine! Over the years, torrentreactor torrent has gained a substantial edge over other gush sites. The YTS torrent website is well-known since it has well-liked visuals and enables users to download movies and TV episodes.

Movies, TV programmes, and online series abound, and they may be found in a wide lot of languages and styles. Web series from China, Japan, Korea, the United States, and India may all be easily downloaded here for offline watching.

The YTS TorrentReactor Alternative gush movie website mostly offers Hollywood and Bollywood free movies. According to Google Trends, the site’s popularity has dropped dramatically over the previous several months. This is mainly because of how difficult it is to use any of the access on this torrent website. Most visitors aren’t happy with how the site works, but we promise to fix that.



When it comes to using TorrentReactor to download videos, TV programmes, games, and music, RARBG Proxy is a top choice. In 2008, work started on the project. But the problem of strict avoidances is one we face constantly. Does it rule out its use for us? Our Internet service provider has filtered it out.

For your convenience, we have gathered a list of the best RARBG mirrors, RARBG proxy servers, and alternatives to TorrentReactor. Searching for a RARBG Proxy List and TorrentReactor replacement that stays current? I thought your reply was satisfactory. Yes, you have found the right spot.

After researching a large list of popular websites, we have found the best websites for you to check out. Making a plan like this is easy, as we all know, thanks to the fact that there is no guarantee that any of these websites will stay up.

4. Utorrent


Before BitTorrent, Inc., uTorrent was the standard protocol for all users to download files. It was a lightweight, open-source client that BitTorrent ignored a few years ago. They were able to succeed by shutting it down and flooding the market with spammy deals and marketing. Users that are unhappy with the current version of uTorrent look for an alternative TorrentReactor and app despite the fact that uTorrent is still extensively utilised.

There are several available BitTorrent clients, both open- and closed-source. Many other apps are similar to uTorrent; some may even have features that uTorrent lacks. Finding a reliable uTorrent client might be difficult since many of the alternatives are infected with viruses. To help you in your search, we have compiled a list of credible alternatives to TorrentReactor. Adware may still be there, but if careful, you can avoid it. We’ll have a talk with you about it.


Nowadays, the equivalent of the Silk Road would be something like KAT gushes, also known as Kickass. Facilitates the exchange of things between people. The firm has seen its share of ups and downs. It has been available for over eight years, being released in 2008. Ukraine national and owner was arrested in Poland the same year (2016). After then, the US Department of Justice bought the domain name.

KickAssTorrents is changing its domain name to avoid being shut down by the authorities, even after eight years. Downloading media files like movies and games was the main purpose of this site similar to TorrentReactor. After that, a flood of imposter websites that passed themselves off as legitimate did the rounds. It was identical to draw parallels between these harmful software and phishing websites.



ETTV is the best alternative to TorrentReactor among gush websites. When I initially found this website, I thought it was great. Due to COVID-19, everyone should visit ETTV on quarantine days to view exciting and beautiful movies. The network of trustworthy torrent trackers provides a variety of information on meta torrent files. Customers have access to thousands of people willing to share and post 100% verified gush files, all thanks to our service.

Is it available in your country? perhaps you just can’t seem to get to it. It’s nothing to be concerned about. Here is a summary of the leading torrent sites and proxy services. There’s a dedicated area of the ETTV website for people who upload and seed torrents. As soon as torrent websites became widespread, authorities began blocking them. The best possible thing for users is provided by these proxies and mirror sites. In order to get access to these torrent websites, please follow these instructions.

7. TorrentDownloads


TorrentDownloads has provided users with access to a wide variety of media for many years. This includes recent releases in television, film, music, software, animation, and literature. This alternative to TorrentReactor has a tonne of material, and it’s easy to get the latest episodes of your favourite series in a flash. Even if the number of prominent torrent sites has been decreasing, many people still utilise our site to acquire free stuff.

Despite being blocked, Gush Downloads’ sites look and function just like the real site over at As you can see, it looks and acts quite similarly to the prior domain. If you’re having trouble accessing torrent downloads, you can get around the issue by utilising the proxy sites we’ve provided.

8. ExtraTorrent


ExtraTorrents made online in 2006, when internet websites like Mininova and TorrentSpy were at their peak. Until recently, TorrentReactor was the second-largest torrent website, behind only Pirate Bay. A daily influx of tens of thousands of tourists flocks there.

Torrentreactor free The website became famous for hosting movies and television series. Many complaints were raised to the site’s web hosting and domain registrar, resulting in their temporary suspension of operation. Therefore, it is unknown if legal pressure resulted from the torrent behemoth’s downfall.

9. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 won’t work for you. You are not alone. Unfortunately, many people throughout the globe no longer have access to TorrentReactor, one of the best meta-search engines. After a public concern was raised, EURid notified the computer’s owner. E.U. Domain Name Registration. According to the Public Prosecutor, the domain names associated with have been removed.

No terms of the order have been made public, but a drawn-out court struggle has been predicted. When it came to downloading media, was a top choice. In addition, many users that utilise the Internet found that it was well-liked. The search engine scoured sites like The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, and RARBG in addition to others to find torrents.

10. TorrentFunk


The music genre known as torrentfunk was released in 2011. Movies, music, TV series, ebooks, anime, and software are all available for download through this torrentreactor mirror, among many other gush things. There is not much of a prerequisite for beginning downloads at Torrentfunk. If you want to be successful, you need a reliable computer and access to the internet.

But what if this website torrent reactor unblock is no longer available? For reasons of copyright! If, for example, you may not choose to wait the site from which you want to download torrent files is down. Instead, look at these other options; in other words, if Torrentfunk stops working, you won’t have to worry. Test out some other sites, including Torrentfunk.

11. Torlock


The movies music discovery software Gush is often regarded as excellent by its users. TorrentReactor is one of several legitimate gush sites available today. Although many people use sites like The Pirate Bay, TorLock, 1337x, and others to avoid trying new things, these sites are also used to encourage people to go out and try something different. Formerly the best TorrentReactor website, TorLock is no longer in the lead.

As a result of the website’s long-standing reputation for offering only healthy food options, itmakes a breeze to get what you need through download. The website also managed to get around the 2016 bulk torrent prohibition. Despite this, the website’s reputation always seemed to decline. One of TorLock’s many flaws is its lot of reliability. TorLock is one of the less reliable gush sites due to its frequent outages.

12. LimeTorrents


Media like music, software, Android applications, movies, and TV series are all accessible for download via the TorrentReactor Alternative Limetorrents. When it comes to these kinds of files, the website in question is one of the most popular torrent sites. BitTorrent is used for file transfers on this site. We are all aware that due to issues with the law and piracy, no gush website can stay up for too long.

New torrent websites with more advanced features are being released every day, so you shouldn’t worry. Similarly, Lime gushings proprietors and other torrent fans help us by providing the most up-to-date Limetorrents proxy and Lime gushings mirror sites, which offer the same data and indexes as the original site but with new content. Simply put, they are not the same because of their various names.

13. BitSnoop


BitSnoop shares the files you download with others so they can use them. There is no use for these gush data if they are inaccurate. The amount of gushing information is staggering. When it comes to providing its users with trustworthy torrent data, BitSnoop is in a league of its own. Makes individuals the assurance that they will promptly and correctly receive all necessary installation files and downloads. Browse around this site for further reading material.

Thousands of new gush documents are regularly added to the site, and nearly 24 million documents are already available on isoHunt. Given that it relies heavily from the databases of other major gush service providers, the vast majority of its database space is made up by gush files. There are currently about 300 gush-based websites available online that serve as its foundation.

14. Zooqle


Once again, TorrentReactor is missing a useful piece of software. The search engine Google is presently among the most prominent TorrentReactor Alternative gush sites. This is because practically all files on the gush platform have been checked out. The likelihood of a virus infecting your computer or mobile device is low.

Due to this, the simplicity of use has altered as a result of the frequent efforts to shut it down. As of this writing, they are on the website for making an account, and it is quite difficult to log in. Since Zooqle needs sign-up in order to use it, we’ve compiled a list of other comparable services.

15. Picktorrent


Picktorrent is a free and easy way for anyone to install and download software, movies, and programmes. Users are prompted to enter the full name of the movie or song they want to download and install before being presented with a comprehensive list of those items. There will be a list of people to choose from whose files can be downloaded and installed.

You’ll find the documents you’re looking for on one side of Picktorrent’s minimalist interface, along with seeds and leeches. In order to get the best download documents, users can select the files with the most sources. You can see the file’s category, language, size, uploader, installation count, and the number of times it has been downloaded and installed.


One of the largest torrent websites in the world said goodbye to its many users and shut down a long time ago. The Torrentz search resulted in at least one legitimate site., The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrents, RARBG, and KickassTorrents were just a few popular BitTorrent websites it connected to.

Numerous people utilise on TorrentReactor to download large files such as video games, full-length movies, and other forms of entertainment. Many people used Torrentz. Once the original website was taken down, users looked for alternatives, such as mirrors, proxies, and other torrent websites.

17. Thepiratebays3


In 2021, the most recent and fastest proxy, Thepiratebays3, will be used for the first time. The Pirate Bay, abbreviated as “TPB,” was made in 2003. Both the magnet links and torrent files hosted on this TorrentReactor website are fake. It is based on the popular BitTorrent file-sharing protocol and has an intuitive UI.

Because of his contributions to The Pirate Bay, he served a year behind bars. This website is inaccessible from several services provided by access service providers. Proxies may still be found in large numbers online. As of January 2019, it was rated #3 among all torrent websites worldwide. The website is plagued with pop-up ads.

18. IsoHunts


The torrent company considers the torrent system one of the best file-sharing methods. A wide variety of file formats can be found inside. You can find a wide variety of apps, software, movies, music, and more. IsoHunt makes it easy to find any media file.

However, not everyone agrees that it’s relaxing. Some customers would rather use a different torrent service despite its useful features. It’s possible to partner with another company to work on gush services. It’s possible to get the same thing by using a number of different alternatives.

19. YifyTorrents


YifyTorrents, also known as YTS, is one of the most popular TorrentReactor sites. It stores an enormous lot of torrent files in its database. Do not use YifyTorrents to download any licenced apps, games, software, TV shows, programmes, etc.; the site only offers movies.

When it comes to movies and videos, only Yify Torrents can provide you with the best movies and even the most recent videos in real time. The YTS’s primary value lies in its being one of the few online resources that always features the most current and relevant content.

20. Mininova


The best alternative to TorrentReactor is Mininova, which also serves as an online marketplace. An intuitive directory site and search engine provides easy access to various gush documents. People of Mininova can upload torrents to the site without having to subscribe to any specific BitTorrent tracker.

For various media, fans have created gush files. Mininova also serves as a repository for media files such as movies and music. You can also get gushing files for TV magazines and other media. When compared to competing terms, Mininova’s torrent index is relatively small. Consequently, you may end up disappointed because you won’t find the gushing declaration you desire.

21. Library Genesis

Library Genesis

Library Genesis, or LibGen for short, is a free software programme that indexes and indexes books and articles across a wide range of topics for offline reading and installation. Simple to understand and employ. A complete lot of free resources, including ebooks, regularly updated content, and search engines, make it a comprehensive and all-encompassing internet. Each blog post or ebook on this website belongs to several categories. A little thought isn’t required to select and download the brief articles and ebooks available in each category. You can also use the search bar to enter the book you want.

22. BTDigg


It’s a DHT network-scanning BitTorrent digital content search engine. Torrents in European and Asian languages are still accessible, and the site offers a full-text search engine. Because of its decentralised nature and its Unicity, BTDigg can be considered a legal system. The system’s decentralised nature allows people to search both within and outside of the isoHunt platform and on private trackers from a single location. Unicity, on the other hand, asserts that nobody “likes” them because they are unique.

23. Toorgle


Toorgle is a search engine powered by Google that indexes torrent users and displays relevant search results and documents. The site analyses 450 isoHunt-related sites that offer monetary compensation for the top search results. Toorgle is a popular Gush search engine with more than 55,000,000 gush indexes, a Facebook app, and a Firebox search bar. It has a search bar that looks like Google’s, and you can use it to find and download all sorts of media files, games, and apps.

24. is a torrent data source that allows users to download and install any torrent. Isohunt was a top torrentreactor alternative because it provided access to a unique form of torrent data. Movies, TV shows, music, mp3s, and more can all be found there. There is a specific site area for each category of content (movies, software, anime, etc.). Anyone can make a request for additional files to be added to this category. They can also view the information by clicking on the main category.



SCI-HUB provides access to scholarly publications and articles without charging people a fee. The scientific community can use the system to find reliable documents without having to worry about copyright issues or whether or not torrentreactor is a scam. Additionally, the research paper can be downloaded and printed for personal use. Customers may narrow their search for a research paper by author, publication date, journal, and even whether or not the author is a member of the organisation torrentreactor safe? Using this search feature, people can easily find the best paper.


Utorrent is an online torrent system that facilitates downloading large files such as movies, music, programmes, and books. Using the service to download a torrent file costs you nothing. A user who wants to view and download specific documents need only write a note of the names of those documents, click the find button, and then enter those names. The system displays the file’s label and size when processing is complete. Customers can choose what they want, including the movie download they prefer. It enables individuals to use the torrent file independently to link to the uTorrent software.

27. Nyaa


The service provided by is currently unavailable. Anime movies can be downloaded via BitTorrent in Japan. For fans of animated films of all stripes, the site was superior to isoHunt. The Nyaa is a great place to find a wide variety of anime films. Here, they’ll get back to the serious anime movies they love. To fans of anime, Nyaa is one of the most essential libraries. Movies with animation can also be scanned for gush files like music, software, images, and more.

28. 1337x


The Pirate Bay ranks high as a viable replacement for TorrentReactor on our recommended list. A movie of your choice may be downloaded from a prominent torrent site such as 1337x. Ultimately, The Pirate Bay was shut down because of the pirate propaganda it spread. Many copies of the data exist on “mirror” websites. Don’t worry if 1337x doesn’t work properly on your end. If you want to watch a movie or TV programme, you must go to The Pirate Bay and download it.

29. SumoTorrent


It will remain as long as gush files similar to TorrentReactor exist on SumoTorrent. BitTorrent asserts that it is the best gush service because it has the most suitable seeds and leeches for gush files. The ability to download files and provide users with the ability to download all of their gush data is the best feature of SumoTorrent. No matter how bad the files are, they will first be fixed by a system. Then, anyone can get it from the internet and set it up on their computers.

30. Torrent Hounds

Torrent Hounds

In order to find a user-easy torrent site, Torrent Hounds should be your first stop. The program is somewhat stale even if Torrent Hounds’ user interface is simple. It is well-known for the large lot of torrents available on torrentreactor reddit. You can find everything on Torrent Hounds if you know where to search, including software, games, movies, TV series, and film.

31. SeedPeer


SeedPeer is a better alternative to TorrentReactor than the first torrent site on the list. The torrents on this site include a wide range of entertainment options, from movies and TV series to games, applications, music, and books. The site’s user-friendly layout is best known for putting the most frequently visited sections front and centre.

Last Words:

It came as a huge shock to everyone when Torrent Reactor suddenly shut down after beating the odds for more than 10 years. We feel for Torrent Reactor fans and have compiled a list of the best 10 alternatives. The Torrent Reactor alternatives we’ve discussed above are among the most top players in the torrent ecosystem. Any of these other alternatives for finding useful torrents online might be worth a try.

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