Top 31 TorrentKing Alternatives & Similar Sites

TorrentKing is a leading BitTorrent distribution platform. The website’s primary benefits come from its powerful meta-search engine, vast database, flexibility, and lightweight graphical user interface.

In addition to torrent files, this site also features advertisements for a number of VPN products, including the internet browser VPN, which users will likely find quite handy. In addition, you may make your own filters to further utilise your work. TorrentKing will provide a presence of options in front of you. There will be many film movies playing simultaneously.

If you’ve downloaded your favourite movies but want to watch them on other things, you may utilise them to convert their formats for greater compatibility. A wide variety of video formats, such as 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, MOV, M4V, MPEG, MKV, RMVB, TS, VOB, H.264, HD WMV, DivX, and XviD, are supported by this video converter software. TorrentKing is one of several search engines you may use to track the media files, songs, and books you’re looking for.

We are all well aware that everything offered for free download from websites that seem like torrents is really a pirated content TorrentKing Alternatives. There used to be a plethora of first-time torrent search engines to choose from, but in these internet of increased online vigilance about legal rights, many of them have gone dark. Many torrent search websites are constantly unavailable. In this case, torrenting sites like Torrentz, TorrentKing, Kickasstorrents, etc. work.

Describe TorrentKing.

In other files, TorrentKing is the king of torrent hosting. A web-based search that facilitates searches. TorrentKing’s database is routinely updated daily. Using DHT, it has the potential to find new content and evaluate it against another crucial factor accessible through other websites. Torrentking provides users with unlimited access to thousands of TV episodes and films. Over 70,000 films are available to stream without charge, and the company boasts half a million movies available for download.

Users often choose TorrentKing over the other two major torrent search engines, Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrent. Even though torrenting has become a popular way to share torrents, this site will soon shut down since it is illegal. You can never tell when you’ll get the disheartening “404 not found” error.

Top 31 TorrentKing Alternatives & Similar Sites

1. Thepiratebay


People may contribute to ThePirateBay, a torrent search engine, by adding torrents to the index. It has continued through multiple lawsuits and closures to remain one of the most popular torrent storage sites TorrentKing Alternatives, and it continues to do so by providing users with new, extensive, and constantly updated content.

Since its inception more than 10 years ago, it has continued users with access to an incredible lot of media, including movies, content shows, music, games, tutorials, documentaries, anime, and many other forms of entertainment. Most pirate sites have their roots in this platform, making it one of the most significant. Many features of The Pirate Bay are designed to discourage users from utilising the site. It has certain drawbacks, such as not offering meta links to users during torrent downloads TorrentKing Alternatives.

Because BitTorrent users can’t store torrent files locally, they must use a client to download them to their machines. As a result of the ongoing harassment from the authorities, the site is constantly shut down.

Additionally, there have been instances when authorities have broken into the PirateBay office and imprisoned staff people in the addition to website maintenance. Unlike the others on our list, the site does not use pop-up ads and only has a few other types of advertisements.



TV programme people frequently utilise online torrent sites like EZTV to watch their favourite episodes TorrentKing Alternatives. This app offers a wealth of options for anyone looking to hone their TorrenKing abilities. They are available for hire. Most of the best websites will provide a calendar with the air dates for various programmes.

There is a plethora of information on the site on how to use it and where to go for help if you get stuck. When using the EZTV website, a pop-up blocker is recommended since clicking on menu links will open new, clean pop-up windows.

Is access to EZTV denied? You may want to check into other ETTV alternatives if you’re going to uninstall EZTV so you can watch regular TV again. In order to access EZTV, you may do it in a few different options. TorrentKing Proxy Mirror and Unblocked Sites are your best bet for reliable TV streaming. On the other side, unblocked sites are your best bet when it comes to watching TV online. Then, it’s tough to track down finding mirror sites and proxy servers for EZTV.

3. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents has a lot of content that isn’t available on other torrent websites like https torrentking, despite the fact that it’s fairly simple to use. It is a torrent search engine where users can find popular media including movies, TV episodes, anime, and video games. When looking for a file, users can browse for popular topics such as recent torrent releases, well-known movies, the alphabet, and more. If this website is unavailable for any reason, you may still access it using a proxy server.

Knowing that users may sign out and back in to switch BitTorrent clients is crucial. You are not obligated to use torrentking eu to download TV series and movies, but you should be aware that it does not promote or encourage the search for adult movies. For content case for adults, they will have to search elsewhere. Since 2009, users have had access to LimeTorrents, a free and legal torrent tracker.

Is torrenting safe? does not require any personal information or payment from you. The advertisements are the only thing that keeps the website going. The site admits that it may mislead, offend, or even injure its users. Pop-ups are the most common kind, and LimeTorrent advises users to dismiss them. You’ll notice that the vast majority of these advertisements direct you to the website. Maintaining its operational functioning is something they back. A valid argument may be made for their bad nature.

4. KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents is an excellent substitute for TorrentKing. It’s also sometimes referred to as Kickass Torrents. It is the second most popular torrent search engine, behind The Pirate Bay. If TorrentKing is down for maintenance, this is a great backup work. Numerous cyberattacks were successful in their mission to shut down Kickass Torrent, as had been done before to its related service, PirateBay. The owner and author were even traced online and arrested after a legal transaction had been made. Videos, movies, and TV programmes may all be seen on it. In addition, while playing games, you may watch lessons on how to write content or play games.

The fact that it generates a meta link makes it superior to PirateBay. Torrent files are free for users to download at their discretion. Also, unlike other torrent sites, Kicka$$Torrents prioritises quality over quantity. None of the torrents it indexes, or those indexed by other torrent search engines, are ever shared.

The database content at Kickass Torrent grew rapidly as new files were added to the service daily. Anyone willing to help the torrent king download site may upload files to the Kickass Torrent network. The content on Kickass Torrent is free without charge and is funded in a small way by advertisements TorrentKing Alternatives. However, this is not the case; annoying pop-up ads will not be a problem. The main problem is that there are so many imitations of Kickass Torrent that it’s difficult to tell which ones are the real deal, and this site frequently goes down.



RARBG is a throwback domain name. None of the other alternatives are as efficient as TorrentKing. This is the way to go if you’re in a pinch and need a quick movie download. As an alternative, RARBG is a viable choice. RARBG has a large library of media from a wide variety of categories, including anime, movies, manga, TV series, music, documentaries, and more. It’s important to remember that this site isn’t frequently updated.

Therefore, many of the posts are rather out of date. Also, there are times when the website is unavailable. It also has a vintage appearance that may not be to everyone’s liking. Not to worry; the site also has many positive things. As many users upload and distribute torrents to the same location, getting the one you need shouldn’t take long.

There is also a blog on RARBG where you may learn about new movies and TV series releases. Since 2008, users have had access to the RARBG torrent client. This means it may legitimately lay site to being the first case of a torrent search engine.

6. Torrent Reactor

Torrent Reactor

A popular alternative to TorrentKing, TorrentReactor has a massive legal torrent library of over a million torrents. Frequently, they provide users with fresh torrents from all around the world. Anime, music, movies, seasons, and episodes from a wide range of television series and other media may all be found in torrents.

On Torrent Reactor, you may search for torrents by popularity or when they were uploaded. The best thing about Torrent Reactor is its modern TorrentKing search engine free download system, which guarantees users obtain the precise Torrent they enter. Since users of Torrent Reactor may easily share torrent files, it is a top choice among preferable sites.

Torrent Reactor is a site for finding torrents that features a system that encourages users to contribute to the platform. Since it depends on other torrent providers to finish the work, Torrentreactor has already indexed millions of files from the best torrent provider.

7. Utorrent


Users of uTorrent who regularly download files knew this before. Before BitTorrent, Inc. purchased it, it was a popular TorrentKing app. BitTorrent’s lack of support for a simple, open-source client meant that the protocol was slow to gain traction in the early 2010s. When they closed up shop, they were able to make it with advertisements and spam. Since so many people continue to use uTorrent despite its drawbacks, those who find its operation unacceptable often seek alternatives.

Fortunately, there are a lot of open and a great deal of torrent clients to choose from. There is clear visual and functional appearance between many of these and the uTorrent app. However, some of these features may improve upon uTorrent by offering functionality that uTorrent lacks. Selecting the best uTorrent client might be difficult since many alternatives include viruses and bugs that could damage your machine.

In order to aid you in your search, we have developed a list of several tempting ETTV alternatives that aren’t quite as bad as the others. Adware is still present on some, but you can avoid it if you’re careful. We have additional information about them for you.

8. Picktorrent


Individuals of Picktorrent have access to an unlimited library of media songs, allowing them to download and install any software, movies, or TV series they choose. As an added bonus, it facilitates the file of data between users. Users need to safely write the specific segment of a film or music they want to download and install using torrentking. Next, the app thoroughly lists all available versions of that movie or music. People may download a list of shared documents and install one to use on their own people.

On one side of Picktorrent’s simple interface, the documents you search for are displayed alongside seeds and leeches. It makes it simpler to find what you’re finding for, as a consequence of our torrentking review. Users may choose the highest rated downloads by looking at how many people have seeded it. File types and storage needs are displayed to people when they access uploaded files. The person’s identify is also plain to see.


Torrents. me is a great alternative to the widely used TorrentKing. There are several forms of media, including television programmes, films, anime, documentaries, video games, and manga. In contrast to competing torrent streaming sites, it doesn’t care whether it looks dated or has a generic user interface. Finding a movie or programme to watch, though, is a breeze.

Torrents. You may work on me when other services fail or are too sluggish. Because it is supported by advertising revenue, its services are provided to users at no cost. Users need to search for things with people who wish to share them in order to get a reliable and fast download speed. You may still get your torrent fix by visiting a portal that lists sites to every torrent site. If you’re looking for an alternative, you may quickly and easily select one from these lists. A list of TorrentKing proxy servers is provided to back this up.

10. Torrentz2


You are unable to use because it is currently inaccessible on your end. This isn’t a case unique to you. Many people throughout the globe can no longer use the greatest torrent meta-search engines because they have been blocked. Website owners were informed aware that a user has raised security websites. EURid, the registrar operator for domain, told them of this. It is stated in this section that the domain names for were removed as a result of an order from the Public Prosecutor.

An extended court struggle may ensue over the order, according to some. Numerous shops sell literature, media, and gaming. It was everything at, and it was the finest. Additionally, some Internet users found that it was quite popular. Popular websites including The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, RARBG, and others were scoured by the search engine in its search for torrents.

11. TorrentDownloads


As a result of the content on TorrentDownloads, users have had easy access to the latest episodes of their favourite programmes, movies, albums, games, software, animated shorts, books, and many more media for years. Whenever a new episode of a show airs, it will be available on this site in a flash. There’s a lot of content here. A large number of people still use our site to download free content, despite the fact that there are less popular torrent things.

People of Gush Downloads’ sites will have a comparable experience to that of, the company’s main site. The problem is that they won’t be able to make it to good use. This space will demonstrate how it looks and relates to the established norms. If you are unable to download torrents, you may use the proxy sites we provide below.

12. Zooqle


Google is the Google that may be used by an individual. Though, Zooqle would rather watch TV than movies. The next HBO miniseries Chernobyl, which provides a true account of a tragedy, and the last season of the popular mediaeval fantasy drama Game of Thrones are both likely to cut. Users may also download movies from a wide variety of genres, such as comedies, dramas, fantasy films, horror films, and science fiction films.

As we’ve already established, there is no central authority. A user’s information is required in order to sign up for Zooqle. It has a function that deletes usage data after 24 hours without any time on the account, and a password-security encryption system that is very strong. If you use this system, no one will be able to track you. There are ads that help pay for it, of course. Be prepared for annoying pop-ups.


You may watch movies that are part of YIFI’s library on Even though does not work with the YIFI network, it is still operational to the public. On the other hand, it has a huge movie of movies and TV series TorrentKing Alternatives, many of which are high definition (720p, 1080p, and 3D). Movies may include action, fantasy, comedy, horror, drama, and many more.’s main goals include recreating the original YIFI movie and providing flawless, high-quality content. The site displays a variety of advertisements to help defray operating costs. Users will need to deal with them before they can download the movies they desire. Users may also sign an account to rate movies TorrentKing Alternatives. There is a synopsis and IMDB rating for each of the films that may be seen by anybody. Here is how it goes down:

14. ETTV


The best alternative to TorrentKing among gush websites is ETTV. At first glance, I thought this was a great site. Everyone should go to ETTV on the quarantine day to view exciting and gorgeous movies since COVID-19 is on the way. This assortment of trustworthy torrent trackers has a wealth of data pertaining to meta torrent files. Thousands of people may now upload and share “gush” files that have been verified as authentic.

Unfortunately, no. Perhaps it’s too far for you to go. Don’t stress about it; everything will be OK. Here is a list of torrent and proxy torrents you may use TorrentKing Alternatives. There is now a dedicated ETTV area for torrent seeders and uploaders. After torrent sites gained prominence, the government long shut them down. It’s the best thing that could have happened to users: proxies and mirror sites exist. These torrent sites may be accessed using the following methods.

15. Torlock


Many people now consider Gush an excellent online site from which to buy software and other things. The popularity of gush sites has not stopped people from visiting them. True, many of the aforementioned websites are used to inspire people to attempt new things. 1337x, TorLock, The Pirate Bay, and a plethora of others are included.

When I first started using torrents, TorLock was my go-to site, but times have changed and now I prefer TorrentKing. Since the website has long been recognised for providing nutritious meal options, the download is much simpler. There was a widespread torrent restriction in 2016, it had little effect on the site. The site’s status quickly declined after this. TorLock’s lot of stability is a major problem among its many other flaws. TorLock isn’t a great place to get Gush due to its frequent outages.

16. BitSnoop


Downloading a file results in its transmission to other users, so that they, too, may have the file. If this gush data are fake, then it doesn’t matter what it does. Detailed background information about Gush is included. BitSnoop’s primary thing is that it only displays user data from a genuine torrent file TorrentKing Alternatives. This makes Torrent King, giving users peace of mind that they will promptly receive the necessary downloads and installation files. Here’s a link to a bunch of reading material, so go ahead and check it out.

As of right now, something in the neighbourhood of 24 million documents have been found, and the site is regularly updated with brand spanking new gush documents. They have a large number of gush files since they get their data from other top gush service providers. However, it is derived from data from the roughly 300 websites that now employ Gush.

17. Mininova


Mininova is the best TorrentKing alternative search engine for folks who want to buy or sell products online. You may use the directory to purchase from people selling or buying online. A user-friendly guide and search engine will let users easily find gush documents. Users of Mininova, a BitTorrent client that doesn’t require a tracker, will now be able to upload their torrents to the site.

Gush files are not limited to fanfiction, and may be found for a wide variety of people, including anime, things, and video games. Mininova also has filed for romantic movies and music. There are also “gush files” for TV magazines and newspapers. Mininova’s torrent selection is less than those of competing services. If you were hoping to find a certain proclamation and couldn’t, you could make disappointed.

18. Nyaa


There is currently no way to use The service was based in Japan and provided access to anime films using the BitTorrent protocol. If you’re looking for an online destination to download animated films of all groups, TorrentKing is the place to go. While visiting the Nyaa, they may see a wide variety of anime movies.

It’s also likely that anime movies with mature themes will rise to the top once again. For fans of anime, the character Nyaa plays a significant role. Things that rely on animation may check the film’s source documents, such as scripts, scores, software, stills, and more.

19. Library Genesis

Library Genesis

Library Genesis (also known as LibGen) is a search engine that can download and install books and articles on a wide range of subjects. It’s simple to understand and work with. Some of its numerous features include no-cost internet search tools. It also offers a large number of ebooks and often receives updates with new content to provide a complete, all-encompassing experience.

All the articles and books here may be sorted into several categories. There are small articles and ebooks available for every subject area. You can get them without having to pause and consider them first. You may enter the name of a book in the search field to find information about it.

20. BTDigg


You may search the DHT network if you’re looking for digital BitTorrent content. Full-text search capabilities are included. Also, torrents are available in both Eastern and Western languages that are not restricted. For example, BTDigg’s decentralisation and unicity are two key features that make it a legal system. The Torrentking hub allows people to search searches both inside and outside the Torrentking world and trackers. The person of unicity states that there are no “likes” since everyone is different.

21. Toorgle


Toorgle, a search engine, is based on Google. It shows torrent files that may be downloaded and provides users with access to information relevant to their content TorrentKing Alternatives. Over 450 isoHunt-related sites are crawled in parallel, and the site only returns the highest-paying results. More than 55,000,000 gush indexes have been added to Toorgle. The firebox even has a search bar and a Facebook app. To search Gush, this is one of the best places to look. In contrast to Google, it offers a search bar that looks like one. It has the potential to search for and download a wide variety of things, including movies, videos, games, and more.


Qtorrent, the content-based software of the TorrentKing system, lets individuals download a lot of media data, including movies, songs, and other music and video files, apps, and books. Using our service to get torrent files won’t cost you a dime. Users need merely find. If they want to look at anything, they have to write it down, download it, then use the “find” button. The system’s completion is displayed by the simultaneous display of the data’s label and size. This is also what happens. In addition, customers may choose the preferred way of movie download based on their own options. This makes people’ software independently add the torrent file to uTorrent.

23. YifyTorrents


YifyTorrents (or YTS) is a file-sharing site. People frequently utilise this site to download torrents. It’s packed with torrent files; it’s a veritable torrent archive. Downloading legally purchased software, games, music, or TV series through YifyTorrents is thus not recommended. Do not buy it on anything other than movie tickets. With regards to film, Yify Torrents is the only place to find the finest movies and even the newest films in real time. Most people utilise the YTS because it constantly updates with fresh content TorrentKing Alternatives.

24. SumoTorrent


If SumoTorrent hosts authentic gush files, it will always be accessible. BitTorrent boasts that it is the greatest place to get gush files since it has the most reliable seeders and leechers. SumoTorrent is popular since it facilitates the downloading of gushing information TorrentKing Alternatives. An automatic system will initially attempt to repair the files, matter how bad they are. In the subsequent step, people may independently install the software, download it, and set it up.


Individuals could access, download, and utilise any torrent downloaded on, a torrent data repository. Much like a torrent, Torrentking was a top data provider since it included a large amount of information. All of your favourite movies, TV series, and songs are available in MP3 music, and more besides. The site is divided into several sections for each distinct category of team (movies, software, anime, etc.). Anyone interested in seeing what recent additions have been made to this section of the torrent tracker may do so. You don’t have to select the primary group to see the results.



SCI-HUB is a website that allows users to read academic articles and theses online for free TorrentKing Alternatives. Researchers may use a system to search relevant documents without worrying about violating any copyrights. In addition to reading the study paper online, users can download it to save for future reference. La la land torrenting allows you to find research papers depending on several criteria, such as the authors’ names, the year the report was produced, the journal it was published in, and the authors’ affiliations. Using this search, people may rapidly find the best possible document.

27. IsoHunts


SCI-HUB provides its users with peer-to-peer services and full data encryption. In the case of TorrentKing, one of the most popular sites TorrentKing Alternatives, it is perfectly OK. On IsoHunt, new content is constantly being added. It’s organised into a number of different categories, each catering to a certain kind of content like movies, music, or video games. When other locations are inaccessible, you can always count on the stable connection provided by the torrent king legal site to download Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. Ads are far more intrusive than they are on Kickass Torrent or The Pirate Bay. Therefore, itmakes a major turnoff because of this.

28. TorrentRover


Finally, we have TorrentRover as a better TorrentKing than TorrentKing. The desktop app TorrentRover also helps people locate movies. When utilising TorrentRover, you won’t have to worry about annoying ads. This makes it from its competitors. The website has opened a donation page to operate money and keep serving the online content its visitors have come to expect. Users may search everything from music to movies, games to television series, and more using TorrentRover. TorrentRover’s intermittent downtime is the service’s sole real drawback. Though TorrentKing has come back up, this is a viable substitute.

29. 1337x


The website 1337x is a backup plan in case The Pirate Bay, Torrent King, or KickassTorrent go down. 1337X has all the latest and greatest series and films from Hollywood. Furthermore, 1337X has a straightforward UI that makes searching for new torrents and forthcoming films easy. Also, the content of this site is not limited to visual movies. It also provides access to a variety of applications, games, and other resources for its users. In order to keep TorrentKing and other sites up, advertisements are used to generate revenue. The alternative is 1337X, which is commercial-free. Doesn’t it contain more content than the rest of them? It may not be perfect, but it has all you need and more.

30. ExtraTorrent


In spite of the presence that ExtraTorrents had been around since 2004, the company maden’t break through till 2006. What happened was that ExtraTorrents put up a great lot of work, and up until recently, it was the second-largest torrent site after Pirate Bay. The following occurred: Every day, tens of thousands of people flock there. The site’s popularity means that plenty of people use it to view movies and TV episodes TorrentKing Alternatives. Because of several complaints from hosting providers and registrars, the site has been taken down. The demise of BitTorrent might have been the result of legal pressure, albeit this is not certain.

31. Skytorrents


Skytorrents, the black panther torrentking clean and privacy-focused torrent search engine, was released in 2018. This cutting-edge endeavour is accessed limited at all times by an intelligence connection, and although manual interference is restricted, it is nevertheless accessible TorrentKing Alternatives. New torrents are constantly being found, and many are made public daily. Besides its unrestricted access and discreet nature, Skytorrents also offers a free service.


In this article, we will discuss some of the best alternatives to TorrentKing. With any luck, this website will be useful in your search for a suitable alternatives to TorrentKing. We looked into more than a hundred different BitTorrent and uTorrent sites to put this list and improve our service to you. Leave a comment telling us which of these items is your favourite and how your experience was. If you leave valuable recommendations in the comments, we will update this list.

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