10 Best Drifting Games For PS4/PS5 To Play

Motorsport, off-road courses, and long championships should be the focus of PS4 and PS5 drifting games. These are distinct racing games, although they do not belong to a subgenre. Drifting mechanics may be seen in many racing video games. Others, on the other hand, are deeply committed in drifting competitions. In any case, let’s look for the greatest PS4/PS5 drifting games. A few choices are platform-specific.

Selecting Drifting Games for the PS4/PS5

Every year, new racing games are released that provide more realistic and adrenaline-filled experiences. Furthermore, they provide a wider range of vehicles, circuits, and contests. The lineup is outstanding, particularly on PlayStation platforms. However, only a few games are likely to produce the desired result: drifting.

Drifting is the purposeful oversteering of each turn. It balances traction loss with the control necessary to drive the corner. In terms of gaming, you would enter into a corner. When you begin steering, you’ll need to utilise the handbrake and brake. When the wheels begin to slip, it accelerates the car’s spin. It does, however, allow you to enter the following track portion at full speed. Drifting races are included in a few games. This would include the following:

1- Vehicles used in motorsport.

2- Competitions in rally.

3- Capabilities for fine adjustment.

4- Customization of racing tyres.

5- Handbrake featuring brake-specific or drift-specific buttons.

6- Off-road competitions (settings like dunes, mountains, jungles, etc.).

7- Driving mechanics that are realistic.

8- Immersive audio and visuals

9- Curvy tracks and wide highways

Other racing games may have optional drifting mechanics. It signifies that you may or may not use it, as its use has no bearing on whether or not you win. In general, we’re looking for racing games with drifting mechanics or specialist drifting racing games.

10 Best Drifting Games For PS4/PS5 To Play

1. WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

WCR10 is a racing video game that focuses on rally racing. It includes four global sites, six historical rallies, more than a hundred stages, twenty well-known vehicle manufacturers, and fifty-two official teams. The driving mechanics are realistic since they are based on reality. The physics engine in the game delivers realistic gameplay mechanics. It investigates aerodynamics, turbo, brakes, surface, and friction mechanics. A sound design adds another layer of immersion.

Career Mode is the major mode of play. It takes you on a long journey to all of these locations. The campaign includes an editor for customising your driving experience and car appearance. Furthermore, the editor allows you to create your own tournament. Finally, the title finishes with a History Mode that takes you through 19 great racing events. To navigate the situations and vehicles of each period, you must modify your talents. Weekly challenges, special events, and clubs are among the other game modes.

2. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo is a Sony-exclusive driving simulator. Its realistic mechanics create almost 400 cars. Rally cars, classic autos, and high-tech supercars are among the vehicles on display. There are also practical details on the cars and tracks and dynamic weather conditions. Nonetheless, there are over 90 tracks in the globe, the majority of them are highways rather than off-road tracks.

GT Sport Mode is the major gameplay mode. It’s an offline and online competition (up to 10 people in multiplayer). There is also the GT Simulation Mode, a campaign in which you may earn money via races to buy and personalise vehicles. These are only two of the numerous game modes available. Although difficult to understand, each mode gives fine drifting controls. For example, an overly tuned vehicle will lose control.

3. Need For Speed Heat

Need For Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat is a racing video game with an open environment. You play the role of Palm City, a hypothetical portrayal of Miami (Florida) and its surroundings. It is the latest entry in the Need for Speed series. The game’s terrain includes mountains, densely populated cities, large farms, and long highways. This website may find races, events, challenges, and other activities.

The main gameplay of play is a story-driven campaign. You are a street racer who is gaining popularity. Your profession takes you in conflict with the city’s police. As a result, the police may follow you at any time, and the severity of the chase is determined by the amount of “Heat” you have. The title now features easy and straightforward drifting mechanics. You don’t need it to win, but it allows you to make daring moves to dodge the cops and destroy your opponents. You may play offline or online with up to sixteen other players.

4. Dirt 5

Dirt 5

Dirt is one of the most popular driving series. The most recent episode focuses on off-road driving and circuits. To win matches, you must master drifting and driving on the exceedingly challenging tracks. There are about 70 routes in 10 locations across the world. There are tundras, dunes, mines, and intricate favelas. In addition, there are changing weather patterns, hazardous terrain, and other environmental challenges.

You have access to a large number of vehicles and the ability to personalise them. However, you cannot modify the appearance. Completing races gets you in-game money, which you may use to buy cars and auto parts. The main gameplay of play is a story-driven campaign. The narrators are renowned voice actors Troy Baker (TLOU’s Joel) and Nolan North (Uncharted’s Nathan Drake). The narrative concentrates on demonstrating one’s worth and obtaining sponsorships in a global off-road racing competition.

5. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

CTR is largely regarded as the finest PlayStation racing game. It approaches the genre with the same premise that made Mario Kart so popular: karts, random items, acceleration pads, and off-road tracks. You select a Crash Bandicoot character and navigate through challenging trails. In addition, while you play, you will evade obstacles, choose boosters, slide on pads, use power-ups, and hinder your opponents.

You may play the Grand Prix circuits and combat modes on your own. Local play with up to four players is also supported. You may also play online against up to eight other players. Drifting is entirely optional. You must master drifting if you want to stand a chance of winning. Because they are karts and cartoons, driving will be realistic.

6. Absolute Drift: Zen Edition

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition

It’s a game of overhead drifting. Driving abilities are polished and mastered via fundamental experience. This is due to a score system that evaluates your drifting performance. The track layout is great. Docks, airports, mountains, and floating cities are all available for play. You would play various cars in each area to achieve a certain objective.

The game is divided into two modes. Ascend the ladder by drifting against the best players’ “ghosts.” Alternatively, you must drift against your own “ghosts” indefinitely in order to exceed your maximum score. There are also five free-roam areas and 34 tracks in the title. The goal of the gameplay in the open world zones is to perform activities to unlock cars and levels. You must also complete objectives while racing for first place on tracks.

7. Wreckfest


Wreckfest is a racing game that mixes the elements of Destruction Derby with street racing. It specifically includes locational body damage, which affects the dynamics of your vehicle. As a result, the gameplay resembles Gran Turismo’s realistic physics and strong drifting modelling. It also features ABS, an automatic or manual transmission, and an addition of AI challenges.

The main game modes are banger racing and a demolition derby. The objective of derby matches is to cross the finish line. As a result, vehicle combat is critical; vital skills include ramming, avoiding, and blocking. The games are epic, vicious, and exceedingly difficult in every mode. This is due to the fact that a realistic physics simulation has an impact on numerous tracks and vehicle aspects.

8. Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Races in Burnout Paradise Remastered take place on tiny streets, dirt roads, and off-road locations. All game modes include crashes and a variety of derbies. This open world driving arcade game first appeared in 2008. The remaster offers up to 4K visuals, 60 frames per second, and all of the title’s available content. It is also reasonably priced and comes with the EA Play service.

The gameplay takes place in “Paradise City.” Freely exploring the area can uncover many races, events, challenges, and game modes such as “Cops and Robbers.” In addition, there is a day/night cycle with considerable drifting mechanisms. You can play the title at your leisure if there is no campaign. Completing races and events, on the other hand, unlocks new cars by providing ranks. Finally, you may play online with up to eight other players while driving around the city.

9. CarX Drift Racing Online

CarX Drift Racing Online

CarX Drift Racing Online is one of the greatest games since it focuses solely on drifting. It includes reasonable customization possibilities, realistic systems, and top-tier drifting mechanics. Despite the fact that it is branded “online,” multiplayer is optional. You may play it offline if you don’t have a PS Plus subscription. A single multiplayer match can include up to 16 players.

The title has sports cars and a challenging controller. Curves, handbrakes, tyre smoke, and clouds are all important. All of this is available with an additional steering wheel controller. Finally, the title has over 50 sports cars as well as significant personalization and colour choices. Surfaces for tracks include sand, grass, and asphalt.

 10. Drift Zone

 Drift Zone

As the name implies, Drift Zone concentrates on drifting races. It’s all about burning rubber at high speeds with a wide range of vehicles and cars. There are two game modes or tournaments in the game. The first one awards cash that may be used to purchase and modify cars. The second mode awards reputation points, which may be utilised to advance up the Championship ladder.

The title lacks internet functionality but does offer split-screen play. In each of the two modes, three additional players can join your console. The game’s style is ferocious, its graphics are stunning, and the driving is smooth. The visuals of burning tyres, common in matches, are great.


This is a list of the top Drifting games available in 2022. Please let us know if you know of any Drifting games. And have an excellent day.

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