5 Best Drifting Games For PS4/PS5 To Play

Racing, off-track courses, and long championships should be the focus points of PS4 and PS5 drifting games. These are unique racing games, but they do not belong to a subgenre. Drifting is a feature in several video games about racing. Some, on the other hand, are deeply committed in drifting matches. Nonetheless, let’s search for the top PS4/PS5 drifting games. A few choices are platform-specific.

Choosing Drifting Games For PS4/PS5

Every year, more realistic and adrenaline-filled racing games are released. In addition, they provide a greater variety of vehicles, tracks, and contests. The lineup is superb, particularly on PlayStation platforms. Drifting is one of the few games that could have the desired effect.

Drifting entails purposefully oversteering every turn. It balances the loss of traction with the control needed to drive the corner. In terms of game play, you would enter a corner quickly. Then, when you begin steering, you would need to use the handbrake and brake. As the wheels begin to slip, it accelerates the car’s spin. Yet, it allows you to enter the following track portion at full speed. There are a few games that feature drifting races. This would include the following:

1 – Vehicles used in Motorsport.

2 – Rally competitions.

3 – Heavy tuning skills.

4 – Tire modification for racing.

5 – Handbrake with buttons for the brakes or a button for drifting.

6 – Off-road races (settings like dunes, mountains, jungles, etc.).

7 – Driving dynamics that are realistic.

8 – Sound and visuals that are completely immersed.

9 – Curved tracks and wide roads

Other racing games may also feature optional drifting mechanics. It means that you can use it or not, as its usage has no impact on whether or not you win. Overall, we’re seeking racing games with dedicated drifting mechanics or games with drifting mechanics.

5 Best Drifting Games For PS4/PS5 To Play

1. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7

A driving simulator that is uniquely Sony is called Gran Turismo. More than 400 cars are produced by its realistic mechanics. The collection includes rally vehicles, classic cars, and cutting-edge supercars. There are also realistic features on the vehicles and tracks, as well as dynamic weather conditions. Nevertheless, there are more than 90 tracks in the world, most of which are roads rather than off-road tracks.

GT Sport Mode is the main gameplay mode. It’s a tournament that can be played both offline and online (up to 10 people in multiplayer). The GT Simulation Mode is a campaign where you can earn money through races to buy and customise vehicles. The term “ecosystem” refers to a group of people who work in the construction industry. Each mode has precise drifting controls, but they are hard to learn. For example, the car will lose control if the tune is too loud.

2. Need For Speed Heat

Need For Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat is an open world racing video game. You play Palm City, a hypothetical portrayal of Miami (Florida) and its surroundings. It is the most current entry in the Need for Speed series. The game’s terrain includes mountains, densely populated cities, large farms, and long highways. On this website, you may find races, events, challenges, and other activities.

A story-driven campaign serves as the main game play. You are a street racer who is gaining fame. Your job puts you in conflict with the city’s police. As a result, the police may follow you at any moment, and the severity of the chase is determined by the amount of “Heat” you have. Currently, the game offers easy and straightforward drifting mechanics. You don’t need it to win, but it allows you to make daring moves to dodge the police and beat your opponents. You may play offline or online with up to sixteen other people.

3. Wreckfest


Destruction Derby and street racing are combined in the racing game Wreckfest. Particularly, it features localised body damage, which affects the dynamics of your vehicle. As a consequence, the play mode is akin to Gran Turismo’s realistic dynamics and strong drifting mode.

The two main game types are banger racing and destruction derby. In derby matches, the goal is to cross the finish line. Consequently, vehicle warfare is necessary; ramming, avoiding, and blocking are key strategies. In any mode, the matches are epic, brutal, and very difficult. This is due to the fact that a realistic simulation of physics impacts several tracks and vehicle features.

4. Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered features races on tiny streets, dirt roads, and off-track locations. All game modes feature crashes and various forms of derbies. This open world driving arcade game was first launched in 2008. The remaster includes up to 4K visuals, 60 frames per second, and all available material for the title. Also, it comes with the EA Play subscription at a reasonable price.

Play takes place in “Paradise City.” Various races, events, challenges, and game modes, such as “Cops and Robbers,” may be found by freely exploring the region. There is also a day/night cycle with strong drifting mechanisms. The term “ecosystem” refers to a group of people who work in the construction industry. Nevertheless, finishing races and events grants rankings that unlock other vehicles. Finally, you may play online with up to eight other people while driving about the city.

5. Drift Zone

Drift Zone

Drift Zone, as its name implies, concentrates on drifting races. It’s all about burning rubber at high speeds with a wide variety of vehicles and automobiles. There are two game modes or tournaments in the game. The first one awards cash that may be used to purchase and modify automobiles. The second mode offers reputation points that may be utilised to advance up the Championship ladder.

The title does not allow internet play, however it does offer split-screen play. For each of the two modes, three additional people may join your console to play. The style of the game is ferocious, the visuals are stunning, and the driving is smooth. The visuals of burning tyres, which are common in matches, are fantastic.

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