30 Best Webtoon Alternatives To Read Online Comics

If you’re looking for an alternative to Webtoon, the popular digital comic app available on Android, iOS, and the web, you can find it developed by Naver Webtoon Corp. Webtoon is the best app for reading manga, manhwa, and comics on mobile devices. Over 170 comics can be read on the Webtoon app. Some examples include Tower of God and Bluechair as well as Siren’s Lament. Additionally, over 7,000 free comics can be accessed through Webtoon XYZ. A wide variety of categories, including horror, romance, action, science fiction, superheroes, and more, are represented among Webtoon’s comics.

There are books available to read in every section of Webtoon. A scrolling feature optimised for mobile devices allows web comics to be read in one sitting. Webtoon XYZ is read by millions of people every month, making it the largest comic fan community in the world. Every user shares their impressions of the site and recommends additional comics to read out.

You can still read your favourite xyz Webtoon comics even if you’re not online. stands out from its rivals in a number of ways: it’s free to use, you can read as many comics as you want, it’s updated frequently, the design is intuitive, it lets topical recommendations, it has FX comics, you can subscribe, and so on. is the place to go if you’re a free comics fan and want to read comics without spending a dime.

30 Best Webtoon Alternatives To Read Online Comics

1. Manganelo


To those missing their home Webtoons, one of the best alternatives is Manganelo. Depending on your preferences, you can find a wide lot of Manga titles. To utilise use of the service, registration is not required. So that’s probably one of the main selling points for you.

It would be perfect in every way, serving as a worthy alternative to line webtoon thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options. Furthermore, you can publish your Manga there, which is a valuable asset. On top of that, you can watch anime series in high definition (HD) on the site. And the fact that it’s totally free is icing on the cake.

2. Kissmanga


Online manga directory Kissmanga is the largest of its kind, site with over a hundred thousand different manga categories for your making pleasure. High-quality visuals make manga enjoyable, and new chapters are added every day across all genres. Moreover, you will be provided with a complete list of manga and alerts when the next chapter becomes available.

It’s a great track to share the comics you love with the people you know. It allows the reader to change from the delegated right to the delegated left reading direction. There are search filters and a top manga comics list available. Send Kissmanga an email with any inquiries or feedback you may have. If you’re looking for a replacement for Webtoon, Kissmanga is a great option.

3. NarutoGet


The anime series has the most viewers and is widely regarded as the best in the world. All the anime movies and manga are there. Webtoon com assault on titan can be used whenever and wherever you like. The site’s primary objective is to provide anime viewers a place to view their preferred shows without cost. It’s a great site to organise and read the manga and anime adaptations of Naruto Shippuden. If you’d prefer not to use Webtoon me, there are other alternatives, such as NarutoGet.

Its superiority lies in its modern features and user-friendly interfaces, making it a cut above the rest of the market. The site is similar to other anime streaming sites in that it has many different categories, such as Webtoon Boruto, Naruto Shippuden, Naruto Dubbed, and Naruto Movies. The type is unparalleled, and new products are constantly updated, so you can always find the latest and greatest in any given category. At, you can engage in a wide variety of entertaining things.

4. Viz Media

Viz Media

The Viz Media app is a free way to read manga comics and make in-app purchases. While the APK and iOS versions are free to use, the PC version may check for a membership fee in order to buy the manga selection. An extensive collection of Japanese manga, anime, and stories can be found there. With this one app, you have access to every anime and manga ever made.

In addition, you can also use the name of your favourite manga as a keyword. The English versions of these manga and anime are currently in the works. As far as the general public is concerned, it serves as the go-to e-reader and digital library for fans of Japanese animation. Those interested in watching anime or other forms of anime online can find a list of streaming sites below.

5. ComiXology


ComiXology is a free site hosted in the cloud for those interested in reading digital comics. Itworks optimised for use on iOS, the web, and Android devices. Visit this site to browse comedians, make purchases, and read them in digital form. It can modify your search results if you tell it what genres you prefer. The site also has a convenient mobile app you can use to get there quickly. Comic place readers will love it here. This website provides access to your favourite manga comics in English, so you can enjoy them without a language barrier. It is considered to be one of the best sites for Webtoon because of all the things it offers.

6. MangaRock


Compared to competing websites, Manga Rock stands out due to its free manga and TV show content. With just one click on the WIKI button, you have access to a vast library spanning countless genres. People who write manga or who create manga characters can be found here. Your preferred protagonist was easy to read. You can search for a specific manga author or browse the top results. Manga can be quickly located due to its distinct genres and user-easy interface. Before you can begin reading manga, you will need to sign an account. Comparable to Webtoon com and Bookwalker in quality.

7. Anime-Planet


Anime-Planet is a great Webtoon alternative if you’re looking for a superior experience. Without providing personal information, you can view over 4,000 completely legal and free animated shorts from all over the world. If you’re looking for alternatives to Webtoon, you should use this one. Many felt confident in recommending it as one of the safest and most reliable online destinations. Webtoon-style reviews, manga films, and reviews like those found on Webtoon are all searchable with this entry. The site also features a dedicated section for manga films from Japan. Correct Well, one of the best ways to create animations is by using advanced filter options.

8. BookWalker


BookWalker lets full access to all available digital manga titles and series. Reading materials like manga and light novels are readily available and inexpensive. In addition, you can conduct a search for a specific manga title, add the result to your shopping cart, and buy the purchase. Alternatively, you can show your search according to the genre of manga you’re interested in reading. You can get the Book Walker app for your Android or iOS device. Simply add the coupon code to your most recent order to redeem the discount. Some examples of such sites include Manga Inn and Manga Rock.

9. MangaPanda


You can find thousands of manga comics translated into English by searching Manga Panda. This alternative to hentai Webtoon is available on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. In addition to the translated comics, you can also read the original comics on this site for no cost at all. The comics here cover a wide range of genres, including action, adventure, mystery, love, and thriller. There are still problems with this site. Warning: Manga Panda may annoy you with pop-up windows and ads.

10. MangaFreak


We can no longer assume that MangaFreak and the other Webtoon-like alternatives will continue to exist. A wide lot of high-quality manga scans from a wide lot of genres are included. It has a nice layout and doesn’t cram too much information onto each page. However, we feel it’s important to point out that there is room for improvement in aesthetics, such as better optimization of ads since many ads overlap. One neat feature of the manga stream website was a section labelled “History” that kept track of the manga you’d read. It was convenient to be able to quickly return to the last manga you finished reading.

11. MangaDex


The MangaDex is one of the best non-Webtoon alternatives to Webtoon. Itlets yet another cost-free website for manga fans to read the genre. Many individuals rely on MangDex as their primary source for Manga comics because it does not contain ads. You’ll find a lot of manga here, ensuring that there’s something for every manga reader. MangaDex’s best feature is the ability to talk about theories about the entire series or a single episode. If you’re looking to satisfy your manga addiction, the MangaDex is the place to go.

12. SenManga


Sen Manga offers both the newest and most recent manga releases. After making, users have access to only the latest manga chapters to read online or download. Most unique, Hottest, and Today’s Manga round out the list of available categories. Sen Manga www Webtoon con series list is not easy to find. Add the episodes and chapters you want, and you can change almost any adjustment. In comparison to the Manga Inn, this is a much better option.

13. Webcomics


If you’re looking for a better manga reading experience, you can also improve Webcomics, a website dedicated to the manga genre. Large collections of Manga and other comics from all over the world, including Asia, Europe, and the United States, can be found there. I’m betting that even if you look at all the manga and comic series in this app for the rest of your life, you won’t be able to read them all. Manga can be found in a wide variety of categories and languages. This means that your preferred aesthetic is safe from concern. You can find it here, whatever it may be.

14. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga

After that, you were missing out on a lot of great content if you weren’t familiar with Crunchyroll. It’s free to download and use, but there are additional features available for a fee. Sign up, hit that “like” button on the ads, and hang tight for the latest news. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill anime and manga centre; there’s also a section dedicated to the most recent Japanese manga releases. Moreover, you won’t have to wait for or experience problems while watching the newest episodes.

15. Lezhin Comics

Lezhin Comics

If you don’t want to miss out on any newly released manga chapters or web pages, Lezhin Comics is the place to be. Compared to Webtoon, it is a viable alternative thanks to its emphasis on the daily production of new comics. It is not necessary to constantly monitor them. You’ll be the first to know when something new is available. You can bookmark sections of the site to read them even when you don’t have internet access.


One of the best alternatives to Webtoon is Compared to Webtoon cyz, its user interface is vastly superior in features and aesthetics. You can buy a wide variety of Manga comics here. These channels carry a wide variety of shows, from comedies to thrillers to sports to science fiction. It doesn’t suddenly disappear like other manga sites that let you read manga from other sites. This site is a great way to add to the existing manga library.

17. MangaPlus


If you’re looking for the authentic manga versions of popular anime series like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Round, etc., then you should read Manga Plus. It’s a great substitute for Webtoon and houses many manga volumes. This app makes it easy to discover new manga, engage in meaningful discussions about the medium, and show appreciation to the creators of your favourite stories.

18. NiAdd


If you’re looking for an alternative to Webtoon to read manga online, the free site NiAdd is a great option. It houses a comprehensive manga database that can be filtered to display titles in any combination of release year, genre, status, and alphabetical order. Additionally, there is a variety of brand-new manga series to enjoy. In addition to the viral video featured here, this site also hosts other popular videos. Even fiction like novels and manga can be updated with NiAdd.

19. MangaFox


There are many different categories of content on this lot, which is an alternative to Webtoon. Additionally, you can read all your favourite Manga Comics online for a small fee or by signing up for a membership site. The selection of manga comics there is excellent, making it one of my go-to stores for those books. Manga fans can browse this site’s genres, updates, and random versions. Seek out alternatives for MangaForFree, too.

20. Mangago


Mangago is a fantastic Webtoon substitute. It’s a lovely site to go if you want to read comics online and it’s also very cute. You can browse Manga in a variety of different ways on this alternative to Webtoon. It gives you access to a comprehensive directory of Manga. The genre tab lists manga comics that fit these genres, making it easy to browse what you’re looking for. As you can see, the most read manga titles are featured in the list of famous Manga. Reading Manga on Mangago is a great way to spend your free time, so you won’t get bored.

21. Chia-Anime


Online anime fans frequently visit Chia-Anime, a popular site that doesn’t charge a subscription fee. A wide variety of anime and manga soundtracks are available on the site for reading and listening pleasure. No matter what kind of anime you’re looking for, you can find it here at webtoons under the oak. A daily update is also provided. The Chia-Anime service also supports downloading and saving any anime you want.

22. MangaTown


This is one of the best options for reading manga of varying styles when looking for an alternative to Webtoon. You can read all your favourite manga comics online for free on MangaTown without ever making to sign up or make a return. This is a fantastic website, and it ranks among my top choices for reading manga online. The website features a database of manga that can be browsed by title, new releases, genre, or at random.

23. Mangastream


Japanese comics, known as manga, each have their own unique style, cast of characters, and musical themes. Some of the manga’s many categories are action, business, humour, detective, historical drama, scare, suspense, romance, science fiction, and dreams. MangaStream is distinct from competing for manga comic databases because it follows a methodical procedure to put which comics to translate and host on its website.

24. MyAnimeList


Many anime series have complete episode episodes on MyAnimeList. Moreover, it provides extensive details on each anime, including its cast of characters and voice actors. There is also a community section where you can read and discuss numerous anime-related posts. This system allows you to enjoy manga and anime by providing dedicated teams.

25. TenManga


If you’re looking for an alternative to read comics online, you can switch to TenManga as soon as Webtoon goes down. There is a brand new scanlation website that has emerged on the site, and it has everything regulars at the veteran manga comic website need. They’re looking for an all of us are dead Webtoon that’s just as good.

26. Toomics


Are you familiar with comic books? I’d say yes if you’re a big fan of manga and comics. Comics are a major cultural phenomenon, and many excellent manga apps and comic series exist. It will read to various reading modes to ensure your comfort. The vivid hues and illustrations further immerse readers in the tales.

27. AniWatcher


It is one of the most popular alternatives to familiar Webtoon because it hosts both finished and ongoing anime series. You can also use this site to read Manga and other entertaining novels. For those who enjoy anime and manga, AniWatcher provides a safe and convenient place to access a wide variety of shows.

28. Mangaeden


Mangaeden is a user-easy website that offers a wide variety of interesting and reasonably priced manga comics. You can find the best manga comics with the help of Mangaeden’s internal search search. Both reading and contributing to manga is possible. It’s also a great alternative to Webtoon.

29. MangaToon


One of the best alternatives to Webtoon is MangaToon. Because it works so well, many of its individuals consider it one of the best alternatives to bts Webtoon. Finding the manga you want to read is a breeze with this reader app. Once again, this is incredibly simple to improve and has an automatic mechanism for improvement.

30. Mangareader


Mangareader‘s extensive database has more than enough manga to satisfy your daily requirements. Almost immediately after their releases, they make available excellent content in a straightforward format. Just like on Webtoon, you’ll find every conceivable manga here.

Some Closing Remarks

The goal of this post is to provide you with a list of alternatives to Webtoon where you can access your favourite manga titles without having to pay a subscription fee. Any of them, like Webtoon, can be used to read your favourite manga, or you can visit all of them and pick the sites you want to read.

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