12 Best Video Calling App For Online courses Class

Covid-19 can be directly attributed to the rise in popularity of online courses.The instructor and the student must use a video conferencing app compatible with each other’s devices. In this article, you’ll find a list of the top 12 app video calling programmes available in 2022. The use of video chat apps like Covid has becoming increasingly common. Businesspeople employ mobile video chat apps and PC-to-PC calling apps for video conferencing, online instruction, and teamwork. We set out to find the top 12 PC video calling programmes for Windows and other operating systems.

When referring to a video conference, what exactly does that mean?

Video verification software is an app for computers and mobile devices that allows many people to communicate simultaneously. People rely on it for telephonic conferences and meetings. All schools use free video conferencing software for online classes under the covid-19 scenario. The free version does have some restrictions, though. You may, for instance, set caps on attendance and event time.

Here are the 12 Best Video Calling app for your Next Webinar or Online Course.

Here, “PC” denotes that the app works on personal computers as well as laptops, desktops, tablets, smart TVs, and mobile phones. Our primary focus will be on software designed to function over slow apps. A stable and reliable Internet connection, however, will offer additional advantages.

12 Best Video Calling App For Online Conference Class

 1. Facebook Video Chat

 Facebook Video Chat

Facebook’s video chat app has excellent privacy and security features. No one will be able to view your video without your permission because the data is encrypted. However, Facebook has unlimited access to your information. When you give a stranger permission to view your Facebook, that person will be able to see everything you’ve shared there. To counter this, Facebook does not store videos indefinitely, so if someone were to get your Facebook ID, they would not be able to see your video. Unless your friend intentionally captures and shares your conversation, Facebook video chat is incredibly safe.


1 – For starters, Facebook has video calling capabilities, making it the world’s most widely used social media site.

2 – Start a video call with a friend on your Android or iOS mobile device by clicking the video call button in the chat area.

3 – You can choose between using mobile data or Wi-Fi data.

4 – You may now have conference calls with as many as fifty people.

5 – It is possible that FaceTime and Google Hangout will be incorporated into the Facebook Messenger app.

6 – There is no time limit when calling 50 people together.

7 – A maximum of 25 MB is the limit for video attachments.

2. Skype


When it comes to video calling apps for laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices, Skype is one of the most popular options because of its low or nonexistent price tag. This free-source messaging app is used by nearly every world.


1 – It’s common knowledge that Skype is the go-to free video calling app.

2 – It alerts their connected friends that they are currently online.

3 – This video-calling app can be found on most Xbox systems and wearables.

4 – Its IM service is widely used and well-known.

5 – During the past 17 years, we’ve supported five different OSes: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

6 – Apps are used by over 100 million people every month, and over 41 million use them every day.

7 – Skype’s mixed client/server/peer architecture.

8 – With this video conferencing software, eight to twenty-five users can participate in a group screenshare at once.

9 – A blurred background and AI features are now part of the chat interface.

3. Google Hangout

Google Hangout

Google Hangout is Google’s greatest cross-platform video calling programme. This product came into use after 2013, when Google+, Messenger, and Google Talk were discontinued. As of 2000, Google Chat also took the role of Google Hangout. There are a variety of devices that are compatible with Hangout.


1 – To join with, a chat requires the participation of at least two users.

2 – You must first sign up for a Google Mail account to use the service on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

3 – The cloud stores your chats.

4 – Your profile automatically uploads chat images.

5 – This video calling app allows for as many as 25 users to meet online for meetings or just chat at once.

6 – This video chat app is banned in the US, Argentina, China, Cuba, Egypt, Ghana, and other countries.

 4. IMO Messenger

IMO Messenger

If you have a slow Internet connection, IMO is one of the best video calling apps for your computer or Android device. All other desktop video chat apps can do the same thing. Download Android, Windows, iOS, and MAC PC links may be found on the IMO website. The Windows app requires only 11. 4 MB of storage space.


1 – As with Facebook, you may share videos and text in your story.R

2 –  you can send large media assets (such as videos, PDFs, and video) of up to 10 GB.

3 – IMO works great even on slow Internet connections.

4 – If you want to meet new people, you can join or form a huge organisation that shares your interests.

5 – A music video background, a user’s bio, and other components can be added to the user’s profile.

6 – At the age of 7, IMO advances one level. Staying logged in gives you level to more content, more experience, and more fun.

7 – IMO installation on Windows 10 is as simple as it is on a mobile device.

8 – IMO doesn’t have the same level of security as other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Google Hangout, which is why itfeatures ranked ninth.

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5. Line


Among PC video calling apps, Line is among the top choices. You may access it whenever you choose, there are no hidden fees, and it’s completely free. It’s up to you how you want to convey the message and organise the recipients. In addition, the free international video call service is available at any time.


1 – More than ten thousand stickers are available to Line users.

2 – You can broadcast your location, share photos and videos, and show off your latest creations.

3 – It can be used as a news source in addition to its chatting features.

4 – Your personal videos can be incorporated into your timeline.

5 – Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand are among the countries that can use OpenChat.

 6. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger

Viber is a fast and free international voice and video chat app. Billion users worldwide trust this safe app over all others. The voice quality is crystal good; you may send and receive text messages for free. In order to sign up and connect to this omnichannel voice over IP app, you must provide a mobile phone number.


1 – As an app, Viber works on every mobile device.

2 – Viber media, an Israeli firm, developed and released this popular multi-platform video calling app in 2010. Rakuten, a Japanese firm, subsequently purchased it.

3 – London, San Francisco, Singapore, Manila, Minsk, Moscow, and Paris are just a few of the 15 cities where Viber maintains operations.

7. Tango


We’re delighted to share an alternative chat app with you called Tango. This video chatting software works on both Windows and Android. You can make voice conversations, video calls, send and receive text messages, and even play games. Additionally, it functions as a live video broadcasting platform for business-to-business interactions. Languages such as Hindi, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, and English are all supported in Tango.


1 – Tango is an app for showcasing various skills, including music, dance, cooking, and gaming.

2 – Fun and free money-making opportunity number two.

3 – You can add filters to your live stream to make it look better.

4 – Reason is that you can talk to your friends in a voice or video chat room.

5 – The chat can be held in a private or public setting.

 8. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is your best bet if you need a free HD video calling app that supports 100 users. This US-based company develops software for online meetings, such as video-sharing apps. As such, it serves commercial purposes by cutting down on time and money spent.


1 – Video conferencing, online course administration, and group chat are just some of the features Cisco Webex provides.

2 – You may set it up on your iOS or Android device in addition to your Windows computer.

3 – It integrates smoothly with a wide variety of apps and services, including but not limited to Outlook, Google Drive, Gmail, Github, Office 365, and others.

4 – Cisco merchandise is not gratis and must be paid for.

9. Zalo


The Zalo app is another well-liked one for voice communication. The app’s video calling and voice chat features are unmatched. This telephony app works with both Wi-Fi and 3G connections. This site not only allows you to take screenshots and annotate them, but also protects your anonymity. Additionally, sending and receiving files is streamlined and quickened.


1 – Zalo makes it simple to send messages to a large group.

2 – In addition to 1 – texting, 2 – video and audio calls are also doable.

3 – Zalo’s Android app, number four, is very well-liked.

4 – Friendmaking between the friends is easy and quick.

10. Messenger


In Windows 10, Messenger is optimised for face-to-face conversations on a large screen. Nearly everyone here makes use of Facebook’s superb app. A user can simultaneously use other apps while using this video calling app. There has been a simplification of chatting and texting. It’s entirely costless, and the video quality is quite free.


1 – The Messenger version in Windows 10 will be optimised for multi-monitor setups.

2 – you may use the messenger on any of your compatible devices or computers, as it works with iOS and Android as well as Windows.

3 – This Facebook app improves the convenience of unlimited free video and phone conversations.

4 – Sending videos and messages is unrestricted.

5 – You can share meetings and show off your work to coworkers with full video and audio calling features.

11. WeChat


It’s no surprise that one of China’s most popular PC file, text, and image messaging apps is WeChat. Mobile devices, in addition to Windows PCs, can use the app. Right now, it’s among the most popular and highly respected free file-syncing apps available. In addition, WeChat makes it simple to conduct text conversations, video chats, publish your location, and share images with friends and family.


1 – Even though it was originally developed for the Chinese market, you can use the WeChat app in English.

2 – A valid mobile phone number is necessary for registration.

3 – Sending text and files is simple.

4 – To use the WeChat app on Windows, you must have a mobile phone number.

5 – No audio or video features work.

12. WhatsApp


Whatsapp ranks among the top encrypted voice and text chatting apps. Safe video conferencing is now possible with this chat app. All users, no matter where they are located, can access it at no cost. You may use WhatsApp for official company communications if you are a businessman.


1 –  WhatsApp is a reliable and secure messaging app that is simple.

2 – It’s compatible with Macs, PCs, and Androids.

3 – WhatsApp’s security measures are far superior to competing social media sites.

4 – It does not comply with privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

5 – One of the most popular PC apps for video chatting in calling five is WhatsApp online.


Multitasking is possible when we use a PC app for chatting rather than a mobile app.Extra PC features are advantageous for chatting. What is the top PC video calling app? Please leave a remark to notify us.

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