How to Download Tumblr Videos Guideline in 2022

Have you ever seen a cool Tumblr video and wondered how to import Tumblr videos? There are times when a video we encounter on Tumblr is so good that we want to save it on our phones or computers. Tumblr video downloader, on the other hand, cannot stream videos directly from their website.

Tumblr is a popular social network where people share their ideas, artwork, images, and videos. So, if you need to download a Tumblr file, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find a free online Tumblr video downloader.
Simply input the URL link where the video is embedded above and press the download button, then follow the steps below to download the Tumblr video downloader.

Tumblr used to be a GIF-heavy social network, but more users are now using videos on the microblogging website to express themselves and share their stories. There are a lot of amusing, quirky, and adorable video clips on Tumblr. This is not to say that importing a Tumblr video downloader is impossible. It’s not as bad as it appears. This complete instruction on how to stream Tumblr video downloader will teach you how to accomplish it.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a microblogging also social networking platform headquartered in the United States. David Karp established the website in 2007. Tumblr lets users to create short blogs by posting photos, videos, and other information. Users can also follow other blogs and engage with their authors.

Tumblr users perform most of their acts on the website’s toolbar. Users can upload text, photographs, graphics, and connections to their websites via the dashboard. It also displays the most recent blog entries that a user follows and shares, reblogs, or likes. HTML can also be used by users to queue postings for preparation, add tags to their places, and delete their posts.

Tumblr also allows users to ask questions to the blogs they follow. The blog will respond to user-submitted questions. Text messages and community chatting are also available on the website.

Tumblr video downloader

Tumblr videos include themes and subjects that are popular among teenagers and young adults. Several videos are generally extracts from popular culture. This includes TV shows, movies, cartoons, anime, and K-pop. There are numerous Tumblr video downloaders related with viral memes.

Tumblr is infamous for hosting stuff that divides people. Images of pornography and radicalism, for example. The website has been making attempts to remove such content. Tumblr download is also known for hosting content that violates copyright laws.

Tumblr videos are in MP4 format and use the H.264 compression and AAC audio. These videos have a maximum resolution of 100 MB. They also have a maximum resolution of 500 by 700 pixels and a maximum length of five minutes.

Tumblr GIFs are published to the platform as videos. Unlike movies or films, GIFs are limited to 1 MB. GIFs are used by users to display a small segment of a lengthier video. Tumblr download users frequently post embedded videos from other video hosting sites. They frequently upload them on websites like Twitter, Dailymotion, and Vimeo These videos are then linked to a user’s Tumblr post.

Can I download a Tumblr video?

You may rapidly download your favourite Tumblr videos with our web-based Tumblr Video Downloaders tools, which were created to meet your aesthetic needs! Simply copy and paste the Tumblr video downloader URL or shareable link, and our genies will do the rest!

Download videos on Android devices from Tumblr

Tumbloader’s Android devices are focused to storing video files for Android users. It is a popular app, with over 65,000 users. It creates it possible for users to download Tumblr photographs, pictures, and archives. To download your favourite video, you must first:

Step 1: Launch the official Tumblr app.

Step 2: Click the ‘Post’ button to the right of the video you wish to watch.

Step 3: Select the Tumbloader from the list.

Step 4: Please allow a few seconds for this video to load. After it has loaded, click the ‘Open’ option to download this object to your computer.

How to Download Tumblr videos?

Tumblr video downloader cannot stream videos directly from its website. However, there are many easy ways to import videos from Tumblr.

Video downloader

You can download videos from Tumblr video downloader using one of various video downloaders available online. Choose one that is simple to use and gets the job done. Then, from Tumblr, copy the permalink of your Video. Copy and paste it into the film’s downloader.

Once you insert the link, the Video Downloader will save the video for download. Depending on the video downloader, it may ask for more options, such as the Video’s content to be downloaded. After the video transmission is complete, you will download the video to your computer.

Mobile Apps

Tumblr videos can be imported into your phone and other mobile devices. This is possible with the use of smart device apps similar to video downloaders. The technique for submitting Tumblr downloader videos via smartphone apps differs depending on the programme. However, the approach is often similar to that of employing video downloaders.

Recorder with screen

Tumblr video recordings can be viewed on Apple devices running iOS 11 or higher. Swipe down on an iPhone X or later, as well as other iOS devices running iOS 12 or iPadOS. Then, click the grey circle icon and then the Start Recording button. After a three-second countdown, the screen recording should begin.

To stop the screen recording, go to the Control Center and press the red circle icon. There will be a notification prompting you to click Pause. You can view a screen log recorded on your smartphone’s Images app.

Tools for Downloading Tumblr Videos

There are two options for uploading Tumblr files: Tumblr video downloader and smartphone applications.

Downloaders of videos

Video downloaders are applications that convert videos from websites into downloadable files. These are usually easy to obtain on the Internet and are free to download.


TubeOffline is an internet video downloader that converts files using hundreds of websites. TubeOffline will convert and import photos from Tumblr, among other places. To utilise TubeOffline, you must first look for the Tumblr video downloader on the website.

Then, input the URL for the Tumblr video. You will then select the content of the video as well as the medium to which it can be converted. Then, click the GET VIDEO option. When the conversion is complete, right-click on the DOWNLOAD page and select Save Link As.


ForDownloader is a platform that allows users to obtain multimedia content from many websites. It can stream Tumblr videos, for example. To utilise ForDownloader, go to the Tumblr video downloader on the Internet. Then, paste the URL of your Tumblr video into the box and click Download. After you’ve finished editing your Tumblr video, right-click Download Video and select Save Link As.


4Hub is a database from which various types of content are accessed from various websites. To use 4Hub when uploading Tumblr content, go to the website’s Tumblr video downloader. Then, paste the URL of your Tumblr video into the box and click Download.


On IOTransfer, there is a video downloader that can download Tumblr files. Paste the Tumblr video URL into the file downloader, then click Download to PC. To save it to your device, right-click the Download link that displays and select Save Link.

Tumblr Video Downloader

This article was designed to inform readers on how to use Tumblr video downloader. Those who have downloaded Tumblr videos may only use them for personal purposes. This does not advocate the use of this content for nefarious reasons.

The dissemination of overt or extreme content has certain goals. The video downloaders and applications described in this article are created by third-party developers. Users should use caution when utilising these tools and posting Tumblr videos.


We hope you found the Tumblr video downloader you were looking for in this post. With the help of this software, you can easily import Tumblr videos. Nowadays, it is simple to take a video from any website and post it as your own. However, make sure that you download videos ethically, especially if they belong to someone else. Remember to acknowledge the relevant sources when publishing and re-uploading downloaded videos.

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