Top 10 RARBG Alternatives & RARBG Proxy/Mirror Sites In 2022 is one of the good platforms for free torrent downloads, movies, games, and music. As a result, this site is well-known for having a massive selection of the top torrent files and magnet links. Along with that, it has a simple and appealing user interface. Nonetheless, some users are having difficulty accessing material on this platform.

The causes for this are numerous and distinct. For example, in certain areas, RARBG to is blocked, whilst in others, it is available but frequently unavailable.

The 100% working RARBG Proxy & mirror sites 2022


Whatever the case, our review has gathered a list of RARBG alternatives that you may wish to investigate if you are having difficulty obtaining content from the main site.

1. YTS

Among the torrent websites listed thus far, this is likely the most developed. Its application is available in a variety of video formats, including 720p, 1080p, and 3D. If you want to download the most recent exclusive movies, TV shows, and series, YTS is the place to go.

It offers an appealing and user-friendly UI with powerful search and filter tools. To facilitate access, the torrents on the network are organised into separate categories. Unlike the other RARBG alternatives listed thus far, this platform provides thorough information about each torrent. This makes it much easier to choose your favourite movies, TV shows, or series torrents from the list. If you’re seeking for the most recent movie and TV show torrents, YTS is the place to go.


This is another another excellent torrent downloading platform. It has a huge and active developer community, in addition to a large collection of the most recent material. You’ll also love its straightforward user interface, which organises content into discrete categories.

Here you may find verified movies, TV series, software, and games, as well as other torrents. LimeTorrents’ 24/7 customer service will respond quickly to all of your queries and problems. If you’re seeking for high-quality torrent files and magnet links, I highly recommend this site.

3. The pirate bay

This is the oldest and, by far, the best RARBG alternative, with a large number of seeds and high-quality torrents You’ve come to the right site if you want to download your favourite movies, TV series, apps, and software. In terms of regulatory issues, the undisputed king of torrents has been pretty quiet in recent years.

It offers a simple but appealing user interface. The homepage has a search bar as well as a few additional content filtering options. It is also worth noting that the torrents available on this platform are all legitimate and verified Despite this, the Pirate Bay is blocked in several countries. This best news is that you can use proxies to bypass such bans and blocks and continue to access your favourite material no matter where you are.


Kickass Torrent reigned supreme when it came to dependable and high-quality torrent downloads. It has some of the best torrent files and magnet links and has attracted a large user base. Kickass, on the other hand, is no longer in existence. It was brought down as a result of authorities’ and governments’ ongoing efforts to get it shut down. Since its departure from the torrent community, another alternative site claiming the brand name has appeared. Katcr, a new website, has since emerged. It was created by former Kickass Torrent employees and shares a similar user interface and torrent files. It also includes a safe and secure database, exactly like its alleged predecessor.

The appealing look of, with contents organised into several categories, is something I particularly like Movies, TV series, and music are among the categories accessible, as are other torrent items. Access to content is made relatively straightforward and easy by filter methods such as subcategories, search intervals, and the search tab. Overall, is an excellent service for downloading your favourite torrents while RARBG torrents is unavailable.

5. Zooqle

If you’re seeking for the best movie and TV show torrents, Zooqle is the place to go. Its user interface is straightforward, appealing, and easy to use. Thanks to the many filter tools on the homepage, you’ll have no trouble finding the information you’re looking for.

You will undoubtedly like its wide collection of exclusive movies, videos, and TV episodes. Furthermore, Zooqle has a very active community of users and developers who regularly post new content to the network. I recommend this site whenever you are unable to access your torrents via RARBG movies. Please contact the 24/7 customer service department if you have any questions or concerns about torrents. Zooqle supports a variety of video resolutions, including 3D, Ultra, Standard, Med, Low, 720p, and 1080p.

6. TorLock

You despise bogus torrent links and inactive magnet links? TorLock is well aware of this and mostly deals in real verified torrents. The website’s interface is fairly simple, with content organised into categories for quick access. In addition to torrent listings, the homepage has a search bar and a couple of other filter features.

TorLock has divided torrent content into several torrent categories. eBooks, software, games, TV shows, and movies are just a few examples. In addition, there is a 24/7 customer support team as well as an active community forum for all of your questions and concerns.

Simply told, TorLOck’s certified torrents offer a unique blend of quality and novelty. If you’re experiencing difficulties accessing RARBG download, here is a great alternative to try.

7. EZTV Torrent

The EZTV features an older-looking user interface, but it still does the job when it comes to downloading torrents. It’s the place to go for the best TV App and Movie Torrents. Aside from torrents, this portal gives regular updates on the most recent movie and TV show uploads. Another feature of this platform is that the torrents are validated. There are no forgeries. It also features very engaging customer care that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This platform has a wide community of fans due to its large collection of the top movie and TV show torrents. The platform’s content is also frequently updated.

8. SeedPeer

SeedPeer, a resurrected version of the dead Meganova torrent website, is another excellent RARBG alternative. It provides a visually appealing user interface with torrents organised into categories. SeedPower is a great site to go if you want to get authentic and verified movies, TV series, software, and other torrents. Simply said, this platform contains a large collection of the top torrents.

Furthermore, this torrent platform offers very active customer support as well as a significant development community. This platform’s content is also updated on a regular basis.

9. ETTV Torrents

ETTV Torrents provides an appealing user interface as well as a big library of movies, TV shows, and games. It offers verified torrents for games, television shows, music, anime, and movies. The site has content organised into many categories. Other primary filter options and a search tab are available for quick access. Content is accessible in a variety of video quality levels. Some of the accessible resolutions are 720p, 1080p, med, STD, and 3D.

It offers a customer support service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a very busy community forum. ETTV Torrents is also often updated with new stuff. As a result, it’s a great site to find the latest movies, software, and games, as well as other popular torrents.

10. The 1337X

This is another another popular website with a large selection of movies, TV series, and games. Its torrent file directory and magnet links encourage peer-to-peer content sharing via its Bit torrent protocol. This portal, unlike other RARBG alternatives, allows users to upload their content. This makes 1337X a massive torrent sharing platform.

It includes an attractive user interface with a list of the top 100 trending torrents. And the list is regularly updated to reflect the most recent market developments. Furthermore, the contents on this platform are organised into distinct and distinct categories for easier access. There’s also search bar to help you find your favourite torrents You only need to sign up for a free account to access the material on this platform. You can upgrade to premium membership plan to have access to additional torrents.


These are some of the top RARBG alternative sites for downloading movies and TV shows. They feature one of the most comprehensive collections of torrents and magnet links. If RARBG is down or unresponsive for any reason, you may still get high-quality downloads from these sites.

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