Best 7 Websites Like Putlocker In 2022

Putlocker is one of this most well-known online streaming services. The website is so well-known that it has been blocked by several major internet service providers, depriving many of its long-time followers of easy access to movies and TV episodes. On May 16, 2020, all webpages were updated.

Top 11 Best Alternatives to Putlocker / Putlockers

1. Los Movies

Los Movies features a large, 2000-page database of all types of films and television series. You can look for movies by title, check what’s popular right now, or have Los Movies only show movies with subtitles.

Unfortunately, the site is a pop-up hell, and it only takes one misplaced click to launch a barrage of pop-ups leading to a variety of dubious websites. Install an ad-blocker at the very least before visiting the site, but a dedicated pop-up blocker would be even better.

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix promotes itself as a service that allows you to view movies for free. The site’s purpose is to give visitors access to the most recent movies in high-quality formats at fast download speeds. Popcornflix includes everything from action to comedy to science fiction to romance, and every film is available in its original language.

When you’re undecided about what to watch, use the extensive list of categories near the bottom of the right sidebar to filter down the vast selection of films to a particular genre. When you’ve picked whatever movie you want to see, click it and wait for the player to load. Finally, watch your movie by pressing the large play button in the centre of the player.

3. Watch Online Series

Do you consider yourself a binge-watcher of television shows? When you find a show you like, do you find it difficult to resist the want to watch the following episode? Do you know there’s a website where you may satisfy your desire to keep hitting the play button until there are no more episodes to watch? So, go to that website and watch online series.

Watch Online Series has it all, from the Sopranos to the Simpsons. The majority of the TV episodes on the site are available in HD, with at least two mirrors for each episode. Watch Online Series is best appreciated with an ad-blocker, as is typically the case.

4. 123Movies

One of the better-looking online streaming sites is 123Movies. Aside from movies and TV episodes, 123Movies also boasts a large range of cartoons, anime, and Asian dramas, making it an excellent alternative to Putlockers com .

123Movies, like the other online streaming services discussed in this article, does not host any content on its servers. Instead, non-affiliated third parties provide all content, making 123Movies at least partially legal. Nonetheless, we recommend that you use a VPN service to mask your identity, such as the one recommended in the first paragraph of this article.

5. SolarMovie

SolarMovie’s sophisticated appearance has helped it become one of the most popular online streaming sites on the internet, in addition to its exceptional selection of movies. You can check which movies are trending, which have been viewed the most during that day, and which have the best rating as soon as you open SolarMovie on your web browser.

Users that register can construct favourites lists, make requests, and take use of a variety of other features All of the films on SolarMovie are displayed in a stunning way, with enormous cover art, descriptions, IMDb ratings, keywords, and more. What we particularly appreciate about SolarMovie is that you can search for movies by country of origin, making it simple to see what the rest of the globe has to offer.

6. Primewire

Each internet streaming service has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Primewire’s biggest drawback is its unimaginative design and out-of-date layout. However, if you can look past its uninviting facade, you’ll find a treasure mine of films from various genres and budgets. From hugely popular Hollywood blockbusters to indie films with a small budget but a great heart, there’s something for everyone.

On Primewire, all movies are offered in one of three video quality options: low, medium, or high. You may use Primewire even if you aren’t connected to the internet, and you won’t have to worry about exceeding your monthly information allowance because you can choose from a variety of quality options.

7. Rainierland

Rainierland may have an odd name, but that doesn’t affect the fact that the information on the site is excellent Current trending movies are conveniently presented right on the homepage, so you can simply click on the first one that catches your attention and begin watching it right away, with no waiting or hoops to jump through.

If you’re a movie buff who won’t settle for anything less than the best in cinematography, you’ll want to check out Rainierland’s Cinema area, which features a vast selection of hand-picked films from a variety of genres.

8. Yesmovies

A decent Putlocker sites substitute should be quick, have a pleasant user interface, and offer a constantly growing library of movies and TV episodes. Yesmovies passes with flying colours all of these tests. Because it isn’t limited to Blu-ray rips, the site is frequently one of the first online streaming sites to feature a new hit film. You can surprise all of your pals by watching a long-awaited movie before it hits theatres if you tolerate a lesser resolution and blurriness.

Yesmovies is an excellent resource for all binge-watchers who can’t stop watching after only one episode Seasons of TV shows are mentioned, and you can select any episode with a single click. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to manage the next episode on autoplay since you’ll require to generate stream URL and open it in a new tab first.

9. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is a one-of-a-kind internet streaming service that allows customers to download movies and view them later on their PCs. If you’re planning a trip and know you won’t be able to access to the internet, you may download a couple of movies from Movie Watcher to your smartphone or laptop so you’ll always have something to watch.

Movie Watcher makes it simple to choose a film because it organises them by genre, popularity, and year of release. You can also use this handy search box to find any movie by name and then refine the results using the various search criteria offered. Users of Movie Watcher can rate streaming URLs by giving them a thumbs up or down, making it simple to choose the best alternative.

10. FMovies

FMovies is a renowned online streaming platform and one of the most popular Putlocker alternatives. Its reputation for dependability and great quality is well-known among movie buffs. Because it is solely sponsored by advertisements, the site allows you to watch thousands of movies for free and without registration. You can disable them using an adblocker, but we believe the site deserves your support because it would not be feasible to operate without it. FMovies is dedicated to providing viewers with a positive experience, and its features reflect this commitment.

You can see trending movies and TV series right on the homepage, but you can also search for movies by genre, nation, year of release, or IMDb rating. When you’re watching a video, you can “turn off the lights” and make the rest of the website dark so you can concentrate on the film.

11. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is a unique online streaming service that claims to offer unrestricted access to over 20 million titles. We can’t verify the claim for obvious reasons, but we can state that SnagFilms has everything we could possible ask for and more. Surprisingly, there are no advertising on the siteā€”at least not the annoying type you’re used to seeing on other Putlocker movies competitors.

When we attempted to watch the film Onward, we were prompted to create a user account. When we tried to continue, we were routed to a Liltmedia website, where we chose to come to a halt. If the idea of needing to register a user account only to view movies and TV shows online doesn’t concern you, SnagFilms will probably suffice. In our opinion, there are simply too many other Putlocker alternatives to make the registration process worthwhile.


As you can see, Putlocker is far from the only free online streaming service where you can watch movies and TV series. Regardless of which online streaming service you use, we strongly advise you to use a VPN service to ensure your safety and anonymity.

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