How To Access To Login In 2022

This post will teach how to login to Osepa Odisha Gov. Under the instruction for all scheme, OSEPA stands for Odisha School Education Schedule Authority. The Government of Odisha formed osepa odisha gov in. The main site of Odisha School E-GOVERNANCE applications is the Portal, where you can study the osepa odisha login page, expanded MIS, teacher profile, and osepa e governance information.

How To Access To Login In 2022

In this article, you will learn about Osepa Odisha gov in login; the details are provided below.

So, if you want to learn more about osepa login doorway, Login and OSEPA MGMT Structure, U-DISE, osepa odisha login, then simply read this brief document till conclusion.

 Extended EMIS Login

To view any information concerning Osepa Extended EMIS under OSEPA Odisha, please visit the EMIS Odisha login portal. Osepa Extended EMIS has a unique URL, which is You can access the Odisha OSEPA login page through this authorised website. Sadhana, E.

 How to do lengthened EMIS Login?

The following is information from the expanded EMIS Portal–.

To begin, go to the login portal.
You are now on the Management Information Center website.
Following that, you should click on the Extended EMIS login form.
In the field, enter your Odisha EMIS User ID.
Enter your OSEPA Odisha Password next.
Correct the captcha code shown in the packet.
To log in, click the button.
Finally, you have completed the extended EMIS Portal login procedure. Login to GEM.

 View and Edit School Silhouette on OSEPA Odisha Extended MIS.

After logging onto the OSEPA Extended MIS module, you will be able to inspect the School profile, for which we have shared the efforts to View & Edit School Profile on OSEPA Odisha Extended MIS School Module.

 How Can I consider School Silhouette in OSEPA EMIS School Module Online?

– To begin, you must go to the OSEPA EMIS webpage.

– Now, on the Extended MIS control panel, open the School Module.

– Next, select School from the drop-down menu.

– Next, select School Profile.

– A list of school profiles will be displayed.

– Next, enter the District Name, Block, and Cluster.

– Select your school name and School Management from the drop-down menus.

– Enter your UDISE Code from your school.

– You must now specify your school’s Category, Type, Status, and Infrastructure Status.

– Finally, go to the OSEPA Odisha site and view the school profile in the Extended MIS module.

 How Can I Edit/Update School silhouette at OSEPA Odisha Extended MIS Login Portal?

– To begin, you must go to the OSEPA Odisha Extended MIS Portal.

– You must now log in to the OSEPA School EMIS Module.

– After that, select the option School from the Menu.

– Next, select School Profile.

– In Edit, select Profile or Infrastructure.

– Next, add the updated School profile update information.

– Fill out the form and update your profile.

OSEPA Odisha Extended MIS allows you to see and edit student records.

 How to View and Update trainee records at Extended MIS Portal?

– To begin, navigate to

– Go to the Extended MIS module now.

– After that, you must access the Student Section.

– For student record management, select Manage Student.

– Select Admission for brand-new trainee admission entry.

– Select Transfer for transfer or Student in or out of school.

– Select the evaluation option for student evaluation.

– For additional services, choose the Incentive or Exit tracking option.

Students Service List at Odisha OSEPA EMIS site.

 Provider list that are readily available for the students at the OSEPA Odisha EMIS website-.

– Access and modify trainee records.

– Information about Student Admission.

– Include a new student.

– View the trainee’s history.

– Move students from one school to another.

– Update the school record with existing trainees.

– Update the student’s Aadhaar card.

– Look at the duplicate trainee entry.

– Update trainee presence on a daily basis.

– Update trainee involvement on a monthly basis.

– Look at the dropout student.

– Remove the trainee from school.

– Take trainee paperwork out of the school.

 OSEPA Teacher Login at

Users can select an instructor module for updating teacher profiles and accessing instructor profile details online at If you wish to gain this option as well, share the osepa teacher profile login messenger at ntse scert odisha nic in and follow the steps indicated below. KPSC Login Page

 How you can Login at Odisha OSEPA Teacher Profile Page?

– To begin, go to the OSEPA teacher profile link.

– Next, navigate to and open

– Next, select the User Login option.

– You must now enter your USED ID and password.

– Type in the captcha code.

– Finally, go to the teacher profile page and log in.

 Odisha OSEPA Teacher Public visit Page.

If you are a teacher and want to share your thoughts on OSEPA, go to the general public school view page. Then simply follow the steps listed below– TSSPDCL.

– To begin, navigate to

– You must now select the teacher public view option.

– Select the VIEW OF SCHOOL WITH TEACHERS option for the general public.

– Enter your school’s district, block, and level.

– Next, send the kind.

– Finally, your OSEPA instructor profile will appear on the screen.

To inspect the profile, go to

This is not the official Odisha OSEPA Login website. As a result, you can examine Odisha OSEPA Login, e governance information by visiting the authorities’ website at

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