Easy Access To MyCOMPASS PA Account Login In 2022

This guide will explain how to access your Mycompass Pa account. We can assist you if you are attempting to access your MyCOMPASS PA Account. In this article, we will lead you through the steps necessary to properly complete the MyCOMPASS PA Account Login in order to receive benefits, examine the status of your application, or upgrade your information.

This post will go over:

 – Information about MyCOMPASS PA Account

– MyCOMPASS PA Account Login log in Assistance

– Phone Number for MyCOMPASS PA Account

• Download the MyCOMPASS PA Mobile App.


This information is intended for Pennsylvania benefits applicants who have already created an online MyCOMPASS PA account. Continue reading to learn how to access your MyCOMPASS PA account.


The Pennsylvania Office of Human Services DHS is in charge of administering government assistance services in the state.

The Pennsylvania DHS currently oversees the following benefit app.

– Food Distribution Program (SNAP).

– Financial Assistance

– Medical care.

The MyCOMPASS PA system is used by the state to manage the benefits app online.

You can utilise the MyCOMPASS PA system to apply for or reapply for food stamps and the other app mentioned above.

To access Pennsylvania food stamp benefits or other benefit app online, please log in to your MyCOMPASS PA Account. Continue reading listed below for assistance on how to login to your online account.

 MyCOMPASS PA Account Features.

With a MyCOMPASS PA account, you can do the following things online:

– Fill out an application for Pennsylvania Assistance Benefits.

– Renew your benefits.

– Determine the current status of your Pennsylvania Benefits Application.

– Make a Change.

– Locate Local Offices.

– Get email notifications regarding your account.

Here’s how to login to your MyCOMPASS PA Account.

 MyCOMPASS PA Account Login.

Follow the steps below to access the MyCOMPASS PA online website.

 How to Login MyCOMPASS PA Online Account.

If you are seeking to access the MyCOMPASS PA online application to apply for benefits, check the status of your benefits, restore your benefits, or update your information, please follow the instructions outlined below.

 1. Visit the MyCOMPASS PA Website.

The first step in logging into your account is to visit the MyCOMPASS PA website. The website can be found at

When you arrive at the website, click the “LOGIN/REGISTER” option. Please see the screenshot below for assistance.

You will then see a drop-down menu. Individuals & Families: Navigate to the Individuals & Families area and click the “Login” tab under “Login/Register.”

 2. Enter your Username & Password.

You will be sent to the Login page after clicking the “Login/Register” link.

Next, input your Username and Password into the “Keystone Key” login website.

Describe the screenshot below for assistance.

 3. Send your MyCOMPASS PA Login Information.

After entering your information, click the “LOGIN” button to access your MyCOMPASS PA online account. If you entered the proper information, you will be directed to your account.

 MyCOMPASS PA Account Locked (Unlock your Account).

If you are having difficulty logging into your MyCOMPASS PA account or if your account has been locked, follow these steps:

There are two possible explanations for your inability to log into your account. You might have misplaced your username or password.

If you have forgotten your account login or password, click the “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” link, as shown in the image below, and follow the on-screen instructions to recover them.

If you are having trouble opening your MyCOMPASS PA account, please contact the Pennsylvania DHS Customer Call Center at the number indicated below.

 MyCOMPASS PA Phone Number.

Customer service representatives can assist you with account access issues, such as login and password issues.

Read our commonly asked questions for more information on your MyCOMPASS PA account or benefits in general, including SNAP.

 Get the MyCOMPASS PA Mobile App.

The MyCOMPASS PA Mobile Application and have access to your benefits at any time and from any location.

In addition, you can use the app to check your benefits, check the status of filed applications, upload documents, send your Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR), and report changes directly from your phone.

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