Marketers Should Ask These Nine Questions To Find The Best Call Tracking Software.

Even the most seasoned marketers have trouble deciding how much to spend on call tracking solutions and the capabilities they offer. The call tracking questions at CallGear recommend going through this checklist to implement ready you’re set to start using their service.

1. Will the call tracking system help me accomplish my goals?

By comparing solutions, you can figure out where each phone call came from and improve your ROI in a significant source. Buyers get sidetracked when looking for a solution by all the cool things that come with call tracking.

They forget what their needs and goals were in the process. Make sure that the call  system you buy will let you meet both short-term and long-term goals.

2. Is the call tracking solution CRM-friendly?

To increase sales, the majority of organisations have used a Customer Relationship Management system. Ask the vendor upfront if the call  system you are interested in can be integrated with your CRM, as these CRMs are not inexpensive.

Call tracking firms can guarantee plug-and-play integrations, but a substantial amount of work is required. Inquire with the vendor about further CRM integration requirements, such as uploading data from spreadsheets to your CRM or employing a CRM specialist.

3. Does the call tracking solution meet my reporting requirements?

What information are you looking for? A campaign-level phone call tracking system will suffice if you simply want to know which campaign generates the most leads. You can skip the in-depth options that add no value to your business, such as keyword call tracking.

This reduces the expense of non-unnecessary features. It is critical to determine the level of reporting that you require. It will assist you in determining the optimal call tracking system for your business strategy.

4. Does the software support scalability?

If expanding your business is your primary goal, why settle with basic call tracking software?

Basic call tracking software may provide useful marketing information on a limited budget, but as your business grows, you will find yourself wanting more. This is where you’ll need a scalable call track system that can adapt to your growing business. Ask about the following questions:

  • Is it possible to add more users?
  • Is it possible to track numerous channels and phone numbers?
  • Can I make my own call routing scenarios?

5. Is it compatible with online and offline marketing campaigns?

When shopping for call tracking software, consumers want an all-inclusive system that can track both their digital and traditional marketing efforts. The best telephone call tracking system can give you complete visibility into your advertising campaigns.

Call tracking utilises heavily on Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to accomplish this approach. Make sure you ask about the vendor’s approach for call tracking in addition to the specific method(s) they plan to utilise.

6. Will my workforce require additional training to make optimum use of the call tracking system?

You can’t expect your staff to learn how to use a new call tracking solution right away. And if the software is really hard to use, they may need more training. It is possible to train your employees… But is it possible to train the system?

Find out what the software can do with machine learning. Marketers don’t have enough time to make each call tracking number by hand. Find a solution to make it easy to get multiple numbers. You can also ask if you can track more than one keyword at the same time.

7. Does it support integration with Google Analytics?

It is assumed that you are utilising marketing tools like Google Analytics and AdWords if you already have one or more active online campaigns. Integration with these external programmes is made simple by call tracking’s use of APIs.

If you want to track tabs on your online marketing integrations without any hassle, you should look for a solution that can easily connect with other platforms. We’ll use Google AdWords as an example, however you may ask this query with any application:

“Does your business utilise advantage of a Google AdWords API to streamline integration?”

8. Does the system come with call routing facilities?

Some call tracking solutions allow you to transfer calls to sales executives via customer service. This can reduce a caller’s wait time, resulting in enhanced conversion rates and a higher return on investment.

If your business requires call routing services, make sure to ask the call tracking vendor if the software supports call routing. If call routing features do not add value to your line of business, you may omit them from the list of needs.

9. Will the solution help align my sales and marketing teams?

An effective call tracking system usually shows the sales representative the caller’s referred source. Additionally, it enables sales leaders to offer valuable, real-time feedback to marketing reps on the quality of leads.

Marketing and sales teams can improve their ROI with the help of call tracking.

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