Top 10 IsoHunt Alternatives | Sites like Isohunt in 2022

In 2003, IsoHunt began as a BitTorrent site. This is an online torrent provider on the Bit Torrent peer-to-peer torrent system. Torrent files of the music genre, as well as images, films, databases, software, services, and apps, can be found on the internet.

In this circumstance, IsoHunts visitors can browse torrents indefinitely and download as many torrents as they like in file form. On a regular basis, it provides simple methods for downloading torrents and indirectly entertains millions of torrents through its website.

Several people who want to distribute their content via torrent, despite the fact that IsoHunt proxy provides software for uploading torrent data? The torrent file sharing policy is not restricted to the torrent file upload system. It allows users to build and share torrent files, among other things. It’s the new IsoHunts torrent service provider system.

What is IsoHunt?

Iso Hunt was a torrent file search engine that allowed users to browse, download, upload, and search torrent files from a wide range of categories, particularly entertainment. The initial isoHunt proxy free download website,, promoted itself as “the most advanced BitTorrent search engine.”

Despite being taken down in October 2013 due to legal action by the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) for breaking copyright limitations, isoHunts has always been one of the most popular websites for exploring various torrents.

Alternative to isoHunt

Iso Hunt mirror sites like and appeared quickly after the main proxy of the isoHunt proxy website was shut down. (includes’) is one of several forgeries of iso Hunt. Here are some alternatives to isoHunt.

1. ExtraTorrent Proxy

It’s a database of digital entertainment, media, and software that can be searched. According to BitTorrents indexes, Extra Torrent is one of the top five torrenting websites in the world. It has a vast collection of the most recent high-definition movies, games, and television shows, among other things.


Rarbg is a very accurate website. Almost everything is trustworthy and free to download. This website is extremely simple and user-friendly. The entertainment content on that website is always up to date, with new movies being added on a regular basis.

3. Limetorrents Proxy

LimeTorrent isn’t a torrent client. It functions primarily as a torrent file search engine. Their database is made up of a variety of torrent websites. Any torrent file that you couldn’t find on other sites becomes incredibly simple to locate.

4. 1337x Proxy

In recent years, 1337x has become one of the most popular torrent sites. Its extensive library contains the most latest films, games, books, videos, music, and much more. Their user interface is also rather appealing, with well-organized sections.

5. Piratebay Proxy

Without a question, Piratebay is the best torrent site on the internet. It is also the oldest torrent website. It took a long time to gain popularity on the internet, but it currently has the greatest number of users. The uploaders themselves are diverse, ranging from beginners to experts.

6. kickass Torrents

For nearly a decade, Kickass Torrents has been a consistent favourite among torrenters and is still going strong Although it is forbidden in some countries, such as Australia, we discovered that by using a VPN, we could acquire access from wherever.

7. Torrentz2 Proxy

This is one of the best-known and most widely used torrent proxies. The torrentz2 web index is accessible via a number of intermediaries. There are a variety of different web crawlers that may assist you in obtaining the files or movies that you require based on your requirements.

8. YTS Proxy

YTS is a peer-to-peer distribution network known for offering free high-quality movie downloads. Their releases were renowned for delivering high-definition video in a small file size, which attracted a huge number of downloaders.

9. YourBitTorrent

This is a file-sharing website that started as a BitTorrent client for me. In 2009, there was a change in ownership, which resulted in a newer edition of your BitTorrent. The website functions as a torrent tracker for the peer-to-peer BitTorrent network. It does not save files on its server, but it does preserve information on where to find these files in an indexed torrent file. These torrent records can be read by a client on a person’s computer.

10. Demonoid Proxy

Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker and website that includes file-sharing-related discussion forums and a tracker index that can be searched. The website has a big number of files ranging from movies and games to TV shows and other stuff.

These websites have the similar layout as the original iso movies, but with different genre categories Choosing any torrent from these websites, on the other hand, will redirect you to a different landing page where you will be prompted to download their torrent app.


The initial iso Hunt website,, was a game changer in the online world. It received a massive amount of attention. This was due to the substance as well as the user-friendly design.

However, after its demise, a host of new iso Hunt mirror proxy services have emerged. People can use the iso Hunt proxy described above to unblock iso Hunt sites, even if many of them are blocked in various locations.

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