5 Best Free Horoscope Apps For Android And IPhone 2023

We’d like to introduce the greatest free horoscope apps for browsing various horoscopes. All you have to do is choose your favourite and download it. They are as follows:

Have you ever seen a horoscope and thought, “Oh, that’s so me!” Or is your day similar to the one portrayed in your horoscope? What if someone could properly forecast how your day would develop each morning? Isn’t it fascinating?

This is exactly what free horoscope apps can do for you. Know what your day, week, and year will be like, what opportunities you should not miss, what hurdles to expect, how your love life will be, and much more.

What Is A Horoscope Apps?

The horoscope app, on the other hand, uses predictions based on the location of stars and planets determined by AI technology. Users can also register and enter their date of birth, birth time, and other required information to obtain readings.

Furthermore, some of the greatest free horoscope applications incorporate aspects like palmistry, numerology, love compatibility analysis, cure recommendations, and so on.

5 Best Horoscope Apps For Android And IPhone [Free & Paid]

Individuals and professional astrologers may use free horoscope apps to determine planetary positions, generate birth charts, Janam Kundli, participate in live chat with users, recommend remedies, and so on.

We’ve prepared a selection of our top astrology apps, along with a short summary of what each have to offer. So choose the one that interests you and download it.

1. Co – Star

Co – Star

You no longer need the assistance of a personal astrologer using Co – Star astrology. Instead, you may now obtain predictions from a blend of AI technology and professional astrologer skills. Their data is based on real-time data obtained about the movement of planets.

For more exact and specific horoscope information, you may obtain hyper-personalized predictions. This forecast is based on the image of the sky and the position of the stars at the precise time and location of your birth.

Features of Co – Star

  • Forecasting is based on NASA data.
  • Obtain detailed details.
  • Obtain real-time insights based on the movements of the planet.
  • Personal horoscope with full birth chart.

Available on AndroidiOS

2. Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Susan Miller is the next name on our list of the best free Horoscope Apps For People Who Are Obsessed With The Stars. Astrology Zone was launched in 1995 by a celebrity astrologer. You may also subscribe to Daily Astrology Zone to receive daily forecasts for all zodiac signs for today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Subscribers can also read their daily horoscopes through a password-protected section of the site.

Features of Astrology Zone

  • All twelve zodiac signs get daily forecasts.
  • Sun Sign and Rising Sign Readings
  • Daily Astrology Zone subscription
  • For budding astrologers, there is a Learn Astrology Section.

Available on  Android iOS

3. Sanctuary


It is one of the best free horoscope apps for Android and iOS. If you don’t want an algorithm to predict your future, download the Sanctuary Astrology & Psychic app to receive in-depth consultation from genuine human astrologers. You may utilise their on-demand astrologer option to speak with an astrology professional after paying the required fees. You may also utilise Sanctuary’s open-access library to study everything there is to know about astrology, including transits, 12 houses, and more.

Features of Sanctuary

  • Daily horoscopes are available for free.
  • Consultation with personal astrologers.
  • Receive free daily Astro news Consult astrologers on demand at any time.

Available on  Android iOS

4. The DailyHoroscope

The DailyHoroscope

The DailyHoroscope comes next on our list of the best free horoscope apps. With The DailyHoroscope, you may create a daily horoscope reminder so you never miss a reading. Using the programme, you may examine the personality traits of all zodiac signs as well as the compatibility of Druid and Chinese zodiac signs. You may enable the horoscope widget in the Daily Horoscope App to guarantee that your zodiac reading is always just a tap away.

 Features of Daily Horoscope

  • Horoscopes are available on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Readings are given by professional astrologers.
  • Examine your Chinese zodiac horoscope.
  • In a live chat, you may ask actual psychics your questions.

Available on AndroidiOS

5. The Pattern

The Pattern

Let’s talk about the best free horoscope apps for Android in 2022. If you’re seeking for an astrological programme to conduct an in-depth study of your unique personality, The Pattern is the place to go. You may notice and analyse any major cycle in your life by using this best horoscope app free.

A compatibility test is also available for friends and lovers, helping you to find the perfect romantic partnership. This astrological programme can also help you locate your true love with its Connect dating tool. Isn’t it awesome.

Features of The Pattern

  • A very extensive personality analysis.
  • Check your compatibility with your friends and romantic partners.
  • Connect dating can help you find matched matches.
  • Significant cycles encountered in the present, past, and future are examined.

Available on AndroidiOS

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