5 Best Barcode Scanner Apps For Mobile Desktop

We’ve compiled a list of the top Barcode Scanner Apps for Android and iOS.Barcode scanners are systems that read and translate barcode images into alphanumeric characters. The scanner then compares the barcode information to the database’s matching data. A product’s barcode typically contains information such as the manufacturing date, batch number, expiration date, and price.

What Is A Barcode Scanning Software System?

Barcode Scanner Apps facilitate inventory management for businesses. Conventional barcode scanners interpret 1D linear barcodes as an image of parallel lines and spaces (called quiet zones). The quiet zone stops the barcode scanner from collecting unnecessary data.

Types Of Barcodes

Even though 1D barcodes can only hold 20–25 characters, they have been used for decades to store data. But different kinds of barcodes are used all over the world today.

Why do barcodes work? It’s easier to think of watching them as a technologically advanced way to send strings of characters and numbers. These characters can also be compared to the number on a car’s licence plate to find out more about the car and its owner.

Different barcodes have different sizes and volumes, which makes them valuable for different businesses and industries. Barcode technology is always getting better. Today, you don’t even need a barcode that can scan barcodes to read them. Using an app called a “barcode scanner,” your phone can scan most modern barcodes.


Code 39

The healthcare, IT, and governmental sectors are common users of Code 39, an early kind of barcode.The 1D alphanumeric code may be any length or width and contains 128 ASCII characters.

Code 128

The shipping and packing industries make heavy use of this variant of the 128 ASCII character set. Users may adjust the length of the barcode if they so like.

UPCs, or Universal Product Codes (UPC)

UPC barcodes are among the most widely used in the world. Primarily designed to simplify grocery stores’ inventory product and receipt-making processes, these are now standard fare.

The EAN/ISO International Article Number system
Libraries, bookstores, and universities all utilise EAN, much like UPC, to keep track of books and other publications. International Standard Book Numbers are used to generate EAN codes (ISBN)


This linear 2D barcode is featured on documents such as ID cards and driver’s licences due to its features, such as encoding several data sources in a single code. Furthermore, unlike 2D barcodes such as QR Codes and Data Matrix, this barcode may be extended longer.

Data Grid

Data Matrix is one of the most common types of 2D barcodes because its square-shaped codes can hold a large quantity of data in a little amount of space. As a consequence, Data Matrix codes are used in a variety of sectors, including healthcare and electronics.

QR (Quick Response) Codes

QR Codes are the most popular and widely used barcodes nowadays.  The QR codes on their telephones scan internet-based information such as offers and online payments. Almost all QR codes may be quickly scanned with a barcode scanning app. QR Codes are not as small as Data Matrix but are commonly utilised in product promotion and retail outlets.

The Advantages and Drawbacks of Barcode Scanner Apps
People use Barcode Scanner Apps because they provide a wide variety of features and benefits. Barcode scanners have the following features:


One of the benefits of barcode scanner apps is their ease. To create and read barcodes in the era of smartphones, just download a suitable barcode scanning app.

Installation On all major operating systems, barcode scanner apps are easy to install and setup. Furthermore, internet marketplaces such as the Apple Store and Google Play Store provide access to some of the most popular apps.

Barcodes Generation

Some useful Barcode Scanner Apps enable users to create barcodes and QR codes for their products as well as read barcodes.

List Of 5 Best Barcode Scanner Apps

1. QuickMark

In this article, we will go through the most useful barcode scanning apps of 2022. This app is the greatest barcode scanner available on the market today, and it’s perfect for resellers since it can read and generate QR barcodes. This online barcode scanner supports a wide range of barcode types and can decode many layers. Such variety makes it among the best-equipped and most flexible barcode apps available.

Data entry for data like serial numbers and inventory information may be done automatically, allowing users to focus on more time-consuming tasks like recording prices, dates, product names, batch numbers, production details, etc

. Customers have a pleased impression of the app because of its functionality and convenience of use.


  • The capacity to capture images for later viewing and data transmission.
  • This online Google barcode scanner can read a wide variety of barcode and QR code types.
  • Cross-compatible with a number of different platforms.
  • It’s quick and simple to use, and it can send scanned data.

 2. BarCloud

The BarCloud App is a comprehensive, cloud-based app designed for firm asset and inventory management, and it works with any web browser on any device running iOS or Android. This barcode scanner app has remote access, automated and periodic backups, and protection for your data.

BarCloud’s comprehensive feature set includes everything from inventory management to job management to batch and serial number monitoring. Plus, the newest check-in and check-out features make it simple to save stock and retrieve it as needed. This app has been praised by users across all major platforms for its usefulness in inventory management and product scanner.


  • Option to input data manually or scan.
  • Options for storing any kind of data.
  • Data export data in Excel & PDF formats.
  • Optical and graphical tools of data analysis.
  • Tools for keeping track of records in stock.
  • Please be advised that we have stock that is late, low, or expired.

3. Lynkee Reader

One of the finest Android barcode scanner apps. Customers, not product managers or inventory workers, were the inspiration for creating Lynkee Reader, a barcode scanner and barcoding app. This free barcode reader app is a simple app that can read a variety of barcode types, including 1D and 2D barcodes like Data Matrix barcodes.

Lynkee Reader makes it easy to read barcodes and vCards, which are digital business cards that may be used to keep track of contacts and their scan histories.

According to reviews, Lynkee’s barcode reader app is quick and reliable. On rare occasions, though, the app reportedly fails to start or scan properly, according to customer comments.


  • Create your own QR codes with our free online scanner.
  • Uses a camera, a web page, or a file to decode barcodes.
  • Reads barcodes, like vCards, URL, Geolocation, Data Matrix, Flashcode.
  • Allows for the addition and dissemination of user evaluations of products.
  • Individual Lynkee Reader profiles may be made.

4. Scandit

Scandit is the next entry in our list of best barcode scanner apps. Scanned products are fully recordWhen it comes to barcode scanning, this Scanner app is unrivalled as the greatest software development kit (SDK) available to businesses. Devices such as cellphones and PCs may be converted into functional barcode tools with the help of Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. This mobile barcode scanner benefits both customers and businesses.ed and logged both online and offline.

Moreover, an app development kit (SDK) functions similarly to an app programming interface (API) in allowing developers to create apps for mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

On top of that, this QR & Barcode Scanner APK for Android Download isn’t your run-of-the-mill ready-to-use mobile app, but rather it gives you access to everything you need to build barcode scanning apps with the tools you need. This free barcode scanner app for inventory also allows businesses to order customised mobile apps for tasks like stock monitoring and administration.


  • Make your iOS or Android smartphone, computer, tablet, or other smart device into a barcode scanner.
  • Quick and accurate barcode scanning and results.
  • Comprehensive scanning from all vantage points.
  • Multiple platforms are acceptable.
  • This Android QR code scanner is compatible for use with virtual devices that lack autofocus.

5. ScanLife

ScanLife is an efficient barcode scanner and inventory management app that puts the user first, making it one of the most well-known and popular options available. Scan barcodes and QR codes on a wide variety of products and get relevant information with the finest barcode reader app for Android. You have complete control over all of the information, from components and nutritional value to production and expiry data.

Businesses that want to inform and engage customers through QR codes can use the ScanLife scanner app, which could be integrated with larger platforms. There is universal user satisfaction with the services and tools it provides.


  • Complete online & offline logging and recordkeeping of products scanned.
  • Reminders will be sent through email.
  • Scanning a QR code may provide a wealth of information about a product.
  • Option to share and connect with social networks built right in.
  • Business software designed to enhance interactions with customers in the digital sphere.


The finest Barcode Scanner Apps listed above may provide small and big organisations with the scanning and inventory tracking solutions they need. They facilitate barcode scanning and facilitate access wherever and whenever required. Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers will benefit from these Barcode Scanner Apps by scanning, recording, and storing product information. As a result, these apps may facilitate in the management and optimization of an organization’s inventory operations.

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